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  1. AI prime and MP10

    Have an AI prime that is a year old, with tank mount for $125 and an MP10 non wireless that is also a year old for $125. Pickup in Clifton NJ M-F 9-530
  2. 90 gallon and 210 gallon tanks for sale

    I have 2 fish tanks in my office that need to be gone. First is a 90 gallon tank with nice stand, canister filter (don't remember what kind), marineland LED light, Mag float cleaner, about 50-70LBS of texas holy rock, glass tops and gravel. All this tank needs is water and cichlids. All this...
  3. Tank for sale $250 for everything

    Hello, Haven't been active on this forum in a long time. Took down my reef a few years ago. Had this set up as FW for a year and lost interest about a year ago. Was up and running until about a month ago. Tank is in good shape, aside from needing a serious cleaning. Tank and stand were...
  4. Hello and coral in NJ

    Been a while, but hopped back in with an IM16. Looking to buy some coral. Any recommendations for reefers selling or stores in the NNJ area? Looking for zoas, frogspawn, duncan, red cap and some others. LMK
  5. Pool maintenance

    Hello, Does anyone on DIY your pool maintenance, opening and closing your pool? Thank you, Jay
  6. LED lighting, TLF reactor, ATO, refractometer, 2 part

    TLF carbon reactor with 4/5th of a gallon BRS ROX.08 carbon for Sold Fathon Pharoh single fixture with controller and hanging kit $150 JBJ ATO with pump Sold Refractometer (perfect condition) $30 BRS 2 part (mixed but never used) Sold 1/2 a bucket of Red Sea salt Sold Some ESV salt free...
  7. Custom sump, overflow mag5, filter socks . . . etc for $100

    Hello, Custom King sump 16x16x16 used for about a year. Has 3 chambers (skimmer, ruge and return). couple filter socks. Mag 5 returns with plumbing. Aqualifter pump for overflow box. CPR CS90 overflow box used for 1 year. I loved this overflow box! Everything is in great condition. $100...
  8. Free tank, stand and overflow box and diatom filter

    Hello, This was a 34g AIO tank. I removed the built in filtration and added a sump (not included). Tank has scratches and needs a good cleaning. Stand needs a good cleaning too. For the diatom filter, I only have what's pictured. Free to whoever wants it. First come first served. I will not...
  9. Equipment breakdown sale.

    Selling a few items. Fathom Pharaoh series LED. Used at 50% for about 2 years. Comes with Light, controller, hanging kit . . etc. I loved these lights. $250. In perfect condition. Bubble Magus Nac 3 skimmer. Used for about 6 months. I'm the original owner. $100. Took a few weeks to start...
  10. Breakdown sale

    Hello All, My wife and I were blessed with twins a few weeks ago. Through out the pregnancy, and now that my boys are here, I've been neglecting my tank. Thus, it's time to break it down. I'll be selling the livestock first. I'll update the thread when I'm ready to sell equipment. Pair of...
  11. Aqualifter pump help asap!

    Hello All, I have a CPR CS overflow box. The aqua lifter pump attaches to the box to unsure constant suction. Today I noticed bubbles in my overflow box. I picked up the pump and my the overflow box stopped pulling the water. The aqua lifter is still sucking but not nearly strong enough. What...
  12. GBTA for sale

    8-10" when open. I bought him about 2 months ago. It's been walking around my tank unwilling to settle anywhere since. Asking $30 for a quick sale. Pickup in Clifton NJ only. **** Correction it's a LTA.
  13. Free cheato

    Free cheato. I won't deliver or ship. Pickup only in Clifton NJ. Got more to give. Anyone want?
  14. Fish for sale

    Hello, I have 3 fish for sale, 2 clowns 1 is really nice! The other is a simple saddleback. Last is a cleaner/neon goby. $40 for all 3. Pickup in Clifton NJ.
  15. harlequin shrimp

    Anyone looking to sell a pair of harlequin shrimp?
  16. Aqua C Remora

    I have a used Aqua C Remora skimmer in good condition. Maxi-Jet 1200 included. Pictures available upon request. $80 pickup in Clifton NJ.
  17. Filter removal help

    Hello, I will be adding a sump to my AIO tank. To do this, I have to remove the built in filtration. Presently, the filtration is a large piece of plastic siliconed to the sides of the tank. I plan on emptying the tank and using a razor to remove the silicon. Is there a better way to do it...
  18. Free stuff

    Everything pictured is free. The overflow box is a new CPR CS90. It's cracked by the bulkhead hole. Some spare new parts to a 150w MH fixture. All items picked up in Clifton NJ. I will not ship anything.
  19. Mag 5 or comparable pump needed

    As the title states, I'm looking for a mag 5 or comparable pump. Prefer local NJ pickup unless you're willing to ship. Thank you! Jay
  20. Pair of Cardinal fish

    I have a healthy pair of cardinal fish that I'm looking to sell. I'm getting rid of them because my tank is over stocked. They're eating frozen, flakes and pellets. $20 for the pair. Pickup in Clifton NJ.