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  1. Many more fish on way

    You should capitalize the P and E for Pet Emporium. You name looks like a bunch of random letters and people probably look at this thread wondering what store this is.
  2. Wtb l-14 or l-25 plecos

    Throw a wants to buy add on They aren't that rare, try Fishtown USA or call a few places and see if they can order it for you. If you don't mind driving to NJ Aquascape should have them.
  3. Wtb l-14 or l-25 plecos

    Check out Monster Aquariums in Flushing.
  4. LFS near Rockville Center, NY and Princeton, NJ

    Parrots of the World is in RVC. If you are going to be there check it out for yourself. They get some cool stuff in especially if you are into larger predatory fish.
  5. Premium - One of a kind Live Rock

    How about some current pictures. Does it have Aiptasia?
  6. Wtb kessil

    Make a real account so I can PM you
  7. huge 3 foot iguana

    If you are going to be in southern Florida just leave it at a park or on a large plot of wilderness.
  8. Fish prices

    Starting the pond up again and as I was looking to buy fish I noticed the prices have dropped a lot. Seems like every is importing their fish direct and cutting the middle man out.
  9. Where is LBC

    Yeah I took a couple year break, came back and this place died out. That is with most forums these days. With the exception of cannabis forums. They are booming. Facebook groups took a big chunk of forum activity. This place held up much better then most other forums. There is some activity...
  10. Want to buy moray eels large.

    Give Parrots of the World a try. They usually have larger eels. They have a real nice sized minitus grouper.
  11. Anyone here uses private jets?

    Not a jet but I fly a prop plane.
  12. Where is LBC

    I have been gone for a while. Is LBC still around?
  13. 6" banded car shark

    Keep it.
  14. Anyone has 1000 gallon reef tank?

    Join the shark and stingray aquarist group on Facebook. Lots of large reef keepers and aquarium workers that maintain large reefs.
  15. Hawt Sauce Coral

    I am looking for some hawt sauce coral. Anyone know where I can source some?
  16. Places to buy good quality live rock

    Tampa Bay Rock. Go on monsterfishkeepers.Com and send Zoodiver a message. He is an friendly guy and always willing to help. He can hook you up with some carribean collectors.
  17. Soon to be back

    Welcome back Dukey. I started a thread a while back asking about you. Looks like a road trip to PA is in my future.
  18. Coral or fish

    I am still a fish man.
  19. Reefer rating rigged

    It's the bullets that do the killing.
  20. Reefer rating rigged

    I am glad you find the abuse of animals funny. Michael Vick just be your role model. Some people are heartless.