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  1. Rimless 60 cube

    Thank you for alerting me!
  2. Rimless 60 cube

    Hey man I believe we spoke a few months earlier, if you?re able to sell (empty of course) I?m ready to buy.
  3. Rimless 60 cube

    Hey is the tank available?
  4. 40g Rimless Cube, 28g JBJ, 75g RR for sale

    Hey is the 43g rimless still available?
  5. 60 gallon cube

    Any word if this is still available?
  6. moving sale, 70 gal starphire oceanic, tunze pumps, ato, controller

    Yes, sorry for not listing that individually. It's $70
  7. AquaSafe RO/DI 110gpd unit $120 pickup Queens

    I have a slightly used RO/DI, by AquaSafe Canada. Excellent Unit. Was used for approximately year, producing an average of 40 gallons per month. Asking price is $120. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. thanks, Jawwad
  8. EcoTechMarine Radion XR30w (Gen 1) LED Light Fixture $350

    I have these amazing led lights which I used on my 70 gallon mixed reef before I broke the tank down. This is the gen 1, used for approximately a year and a half. Comes with USB cable for programming. Asking $350. Unit has been cleaned.
  9. moving sale, 70 gal starphire oceanic, tunze pumps, ato, controller

    trying to see if anyone would be interested in my tank as a whole setup. 70 gal oceanic starfire tech tank 36" wide w/ stand - $500 tunze return pump - $100 tunze controllable/nano powerhead 6055 x 2 - $200 tunze multicontroller 7095 with photo-electric cell - $100 tunze skimmer 9011 - $150...
  10. BRS Dual Chamber Media Reactor w/ MJ PH

    Hello all, I have a BRS Dual Chamber media reactor (used ESV GAC and PHOSBAN) for sale, with a maxi jet 1400 powerhead for sale. Asking $50 for the setup. Pickup in LIC, Queens. Thank you!
  11. Tunze 9011 Protein Skimmer $150 - LIC, NY I have a used Tunze 9011 Protein Skimmer available for Sale. Used for about two years. Has kits for both in tank and in sump use. Pickup is in LIC, NY.
  12. 2x Tunze NanoStream 6055 $125 Ea/$200 Both; LIC,NY

    I have two tunze nanostream 6055 controllable pumps. Low wattage, low heat, all around great pump. Upgrading to the 6095 model. As mentioned, these pumps are controllable via tunze brand controllers AND other controllers (apex, etc.). I'm asking $125 for each pump or $200 if you take both...