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  1. Tank Reset

    Ok, I'll just add bacteria and watch the ammonia and nitrite levels for the weeks after introducing the fish.
  2. Tank Reset

    Ty for the offer, but I def prefer not to use any metal stands.
  3. Tank Reset

    Unfortunately I don't have a backup tank for my fish which would have been ideal. I'm not looking to do this until end of September so maybe I should actually buy the rocks now and cure them in the meantime.
  4. Tank Reset

    Yeah I'm using dry rocks. Im hoping there's enough of a biological filter in the sand and sump refugium to prevent a full on cycle, but if you think it's still going to cause problems for the fish, what would you suggest?
  5. Two 36 inch Wave point lights

    Sent you a PM
  6. Tank Reset

    Hi, It's been awhile. I had a 37 gallon mixed species reef tank, but then Caulerpa took over my entire tank and no matter how much I pruned, it ended up overtaking the entire tank and choked every frag to death. Now I have to restart my tank and change my tank stand while I'm at it, but I have 5...
  7. Filefish picking on clam

    Nope. Then again, I only have one LPS in my tank (Lobo colony). I guess if I see it nip on my big maxima, I'll have to trade it. I'm sure it would be pretty easy to catch compared to a flame angel!
  8. Mystery blue coral. looks like it's encrusting, but has pronounced polyps

    I have that almost exactly that same sympodium for more than a year, except the tentacles are a bit more feathery. Mine propagates very well and has survived a few excess kalkwasser dumps. It's actually a pretty blue when it closes up too.
  9. How is our Community and LFS doing?

    I think since I joined almost 10 years ago, it's become less of a community and more a local way to sell and buy things. That's mostly what I've used it for lately admittedly. It takes time to browse and respond especially when New Yorkers are busy enough as it is. It would still be nice to see...
  10. Filefish picking on clam

    Thanks for the input. Yeah they were sold to me as a pair, but I personally think they could be fine alone. It's only the bigger one that seems to nip the clam from time to time. My solution for now ended up being getting another bigger clam :rolleyes: I don't think I've seen it nip either clam...
  11. Filefish picking on clam

    Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've posted, but anyway I've had a pair of ORA pygmy white spotted filefish in my mixed reef for about a month. About a week ago I noticed one of them nipping at my Crocea clam several times a day to the point I rarely see the mantle fully open now. Is this a...
  12. 29g Mudskipper Lagoon

    Saw this blue fiddler crab at the Union Square Petco in their saltwater section being kept fully submerged, so I took a chance on it because it was only $6. So far I'm surprised it hasn't been eaten yet.
  13. 29g Mudskipper Lagoon

    That's a pretty ingenious idea...If I upgrade the size of the tank I may incorporate that cement idea as I would still like to have a tidal setup.
  14. 29g Mudskipper Lagoon

    Wow thanks. That means a lot coming from someone with such a renowned setup. I had a few fiddler crabs and minnows in my original setup which was designed more as a tidal tank, but the mudskipper ate the fiddlers and the minnows weren't happy at "low tide". There was also mud mixed into the...
  15. 29g Mudskipper Lagoon

    Seriously, it's an addiction. I'm even back to doing regular water changes...sigh.
  16. 29g Mudskipper Lagoon

    Pics should show up now.
  17. 29g Mudskipper Lagoon

    Hi. So long story short, I thought I got out of reefing for dart frog vivariums However, I got a mudskipper about 2 years ago and setup a tank to let some water flow out gradually into a sump and then be pumped back into the tank every so often. I neglected doing water changes and top offs...
  18. New 75 gallon start up

    Why are you so desperate to defend tap water? Your argument against mine now is venturing into attacking me personally, so this will be my last post to you. I'm glad you researched to contest my argument. Good. Yes, NYC copper levels in the municipal supply are much lower at 0.007 mg/L. But...
  19. New 75 gallon start up

    Re-reading my original post, I thought I had done a better job implying that lead, copper, phosphates, nitrates, etc. are all present in natural seawater but at extremely low concentrations several 100-1000x less than that found in tap water. Maybe not. I really don't think it's fair to...
  20. New 75 gallon start up

    Just my suggestion: leave the live sand, drain all the CONTAMINATED water above it, and refill with RODI + salt. There will be a lot of things that just happen to be out of your control in a closed system like a reef tank. Why make the contents of the water you're adding to it one of them? As...