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  1. Keeping fish (again)

    This is what the tank looked like when I had the corals etc
  2. I found a way to lower my electric bill!!!!!!

    I got Energy Savers to give me a contract for Electric at 5.6c a KWH. (gas which is incidental here is at 56c a Therm). The problem is Con Edison and their rip off delivery charges as well as the huge taxes we pay in NYS....including a 'temporary surcharge' for the last three years
  3. Keeping fish (again)

    Hello, I used to have a 'reef tank' and after two years re-set up the tank with live sand, some rocks..26 gallon with refugium (from before). Ay suggestions as what would be good stocking fish for the tank. I dont plan of course on keeping more than 5 small fish. Mario
  4. Fish Life Expectancy?

    I had a clownfish love for 9 years and a Royal Gramma for 8 years. No idea why they died but they each stopped eating two days before and seemed listless. (kidney failure maybe?) The blue damsel lived for 6 years. M
  5. 26 gallon bowfront for sale with accessories

    All dead I am afraid
  6. 26 gallon bowfront for sale with accessories

    This would be the animals besides the fish
  7. 26 gallon bowfront for sale with accessories

    Forgot to add the prices....PICKUP ONLY..Westchester 1. 1 bowfront glass tank, stand, MH light fixture 150watts 24 inch $100.00 2. Live Rock $20.00 3. Live sand. (take or leave it) No cost 4. Other dry goods (24 inch Current 250w MH)-Not used $120.00 5. Refugium 24 inches with pump...
  8. 26 gallon bowfront for sale with accessories

    PICK UP only Southern Westchester Due to a change in circumstances, I have a 26 gallon bowfront tank with stand (oak), Current MH 150w fixture, refugium, live rocks, a few corals and three fish (Clownfish, royal gramma and blue damsel). I would prefer the fish go to a good home (had them for...
  9. What does one feed clams?

    I remove the clams that are declining and put them in aseperate container and feed them the phyto. All they do is 'cough' up a few dark green pellets. They however seem to rejuvenate a little I must admit. I am afraid I will be making a 'casket' for them in a few days.
  10. What does one feed clams?

    Ok. I have had these things for about 2 years or so...and over the last 6 months, they just decline. No idea why...its frustrating Especially as other animals are thrving...(
  11. What does one feed clams?

    Kathy MH 150watts Current fixture. Change bulbs every 6 months 10K
  12. What does one feed clams?

    Hello Kathy...hey I used that line on here before too...(Happy as a Clam) I lost several clams unfortunately over the last six months. It may have been temperature which was 83 Degrees or ALK. I only have three left now and they dont seem to look well...half extended. trace phosphate, no...
  13. What does one feed clams?

    Any help here from the experienced aquarists? (Size 3 inches and above
  14. Need help (for tank)

    Here is a reply from Kent Marine....very interesting: If this is the super dKH buffer that you were using, it is solely Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Sodium Carbonate, and Sodium Tetraborate. Depending on the water chemistry in the aquarium, the amount of this product used can either...
  15. Need help (for tank)

    Thanks for the advice 1 I used live sand-aragonite. 2.The hair algae was probably from the ammonoia spike from the two clams that died in the tank. I did 50% RO water change two weeks ago, and they seemed to be dying off. 3. I have three itty bitty fish and feet once every three days..Prime...
  16. Need help (for tank)

    Thanks. The first few that died were in the tank for about 2 years and grew. However, one thing I did notice is when I started adding more to the tank ( is addicting), the more sensitive ones started dying off. Did you say starving? I thought clear MH lighted water was what they needed...
  17. Need help (for tank)

    Sorry forgot to upload pic
  18. Need help (for tank)

    Thanks for all your help. This past weekend, I removed all the old sand, complete water change (RO water), scubbed down the rocks and removed any hair algae from the sides of the tank. Low and behold, the pH keeps dropping from 8.3 after I add B-IONIC to 7.9 a few hours LATER...unbelievable...
  19. Dead Rock vs. Live Rock

    Where does one buy Live Rock in Westchester?
  20. Need help (for tank)

    Forgot to add: I use r/o water and instant ocean salt. Also ise Bionic Alk/Ca as ell as Mg