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  1. Carbon Doser opinions wanted

    there is an aquatic plant forum i used to visit a lot when i was into it. i purchase my co2 regulator from a guy named alan le there. he makes excellent stuff and guarantees his work. you may find some stuff still for sale on this as it is still a very active forum...
  2. Isopod removal

  3. FS: frag tank breakdown

  4. 8 mini colonies for $50

    Thanks again John for the great deal!
  5. F/S Fat Sixline Wrasse, Lyretail Anthias, Huge Peppermint shrimp

    FS in queens 1 Fat Sixline Wrasse - $10 1 Lyretail Anthias - $15 1 Huge Peppermint Shrimp - $15 Pickup only.
  6. Ezoo's Nano-Reef

    Last Monday, I removed and replaced 2 new ATI Coral Plus 24W bulbs into the fixture. Raised light to 12" above water level.
  7. Ezoo's Nano-Reef

    Thanks alot @Jzdad I will definitely upload more photos of the tank.
  8. Ezoo's Nano-Reef

    Hey MR. I've been a long time lurker and mainly cruise through the For Sale/For Trade forum. The tank has been up and running since March 24th of 2016. Let me know what you think! The details are as follows: Display - Deep Blue 24"x24"x12" RR Sump - Custom King 17"x17"x15" Lighting - ATI 6x24W...
  9. Sump water level

    it depends. each baffle has a specific purpose. my intuition tells me you may have too much water in the sump. try for more info.
  10. Few Items for Sale or Trade

    pm sent
  11. Frag Tank items for sale

    thanks again tboneman. tank is up and running and no leaks! great deal!
  12. wtb ATO

    Thanks again! I ended up getting a basic toms aqualifter and it runs 3.5 gph . It fills up the return chamber in a decent time and so far all is well. not bad for the price! mods please close.
  13. wtb pink birdsnest

    wtb pink birdsnest. looking for a decent size. pm me what you got. Pref someone from queens.
  14. Bag of Chaeto and Mangrove Stalk

    pm sent.
  15. Dispair anthias $10

    Picture please.
  16. wtb ATO reservoir

    anyone have a used ATO reservoir? lmk the dims and price please
  17. wtb ATO

    thanks love fish i did just that.
  18. wtb ATO

    hi all. looking for a reliable ato that is reasonably priced. please let me know if you have one. thank you!
  19. 125 tank breakdown

    pm pm sent