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  1. WTB: Giant Maxima Clam (small size)

    Looking to buy a Blue Maxima clam preferably a small size. send me your offers along with the size and species.
  2. Ugly 15 Bio to Nice 15 Rimless TRADE

    I decided to part with one of my nano tanks. It is a 15 gallon. The back is painted black and has a custom trimmed glass top (not pictured). It's a heavy duty type (1/4" thick) Since I am starting up another tank I am looking to trade only at this time. Before AFTER...
  3. Wanted: 20lbs. of Live Rock only

    Looking for a few or several large live rocks totaling 20lbs. - 30 lbs. reply back with your price and location. thx.
  4. 40 Gallon Breeder and Black Pine Stand $75

    Items gone. Please close.
  5. 40 Gallon Breeder and Black Pine Stand $75

    Rob & Gab & Juan Salgado both flaked. Still for sale.
  6. E-Shopps Overflow box

    Don't have a clue. I can take measurements if that'll help. lmk
  7. Live Pink Fiji Sand 40lbs.

    please delete
  8. 4" Green Lobos

    please delete
  9. Live Pink Fiji Sand 40lbs.

    pending to andy
  10. E-Shopps Overflow box

    weekend bump
  11. Bunch of various LPS for sale

    ALL GONE. DELETE please
  12. Selling a CHUBBY Premium Black Ice & Phantom

    mods please close it up.
  13. 150 head Gonnioppora/Flower Pot (SKY BLUE)

    gone. please close
  14. Ricordea pack (Florida type)

    gone. Please close.
  15. Extreme BLACK ICE & Prem. Phantom Clown + FREE......

    SOLD. Mods please close.
  16. 40 Gallon Breeder and Black Pine Stand $75

    Still up for grabs. Emptied out ready to go.
  17. Live Pink Fiji Sand 40lbs.

    Stored in a 5 gallon bucket (Included) Very clean sand. (minimal detritus) ready to go.
  18. Big Fistfull of DRAGON's BREATH>>Last batch

    gone. please close.
  19. 7 Head Orange Acans $20

    gone. Please close