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  1. phosphate

    I have been on and off for a few years. I have a hard time keeping corals alive. yes I checked and I have high phosphate. I am trying to lower them but I wont go down. sad to say my phosphate are at .58ppb. I have a skimmer, a hang on the back filter with chemi pure blue and phosguard in it. in...
  2. dinoflagellates war please HELP

    I went to war on my dinoflagellates problem. 3 days over dark, took out all rock and scrubbed them , diped them in fresh water, my phosphates are .00 to .04, ph 8 to 8.2, new gfo, new extra filter on the way, new wp40, geting rdy for a 50% water change. Should I add new nitrifying bacteria. I...
  3. over thinking lights help

    hello everyone . working on my baby a 125 tank, but the hardest thing to pick is the lights. T5 or LED. pushing more to LED. then what brand . the 3 i have in my head are 1: EcoTech Marine Radion 2: Kessil A360WE 3: AquaIllumination Hydra FiftyTwo . what light do most of you guys use. any tips...
  4. vote on the light

    would like to know what lights most people like and use most.also which one people think are the best. 1: AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture 2: Kessil A360 Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue 3: AquaIllumination Vega Blue LED Fixture 4: 24 Inch Orphek Power Reef PR156 LED Light Fixture...
  5. will they grow

    can i grow SPS with T5 light. like AquaticLife T5 HO and Lunar Light Fixtures
  6. pod help

    where is the best place or site to get a great mix of different pods to seed my tank. also what are the best pods to have.
  7. help picking a skimmer

    i have a 125 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump i need a good external skimmer that's good to start ill safe up and get great as i get better in the hobby. hoping to spend like $300.
  8. protein skimmer help plz

    what is the best brand and is a good cost. i have a 125 tank with a 30 gallon sump. also what would be best in-sump or out-sump. i dont have much space under my tank.
  9. mixing reef fish

    im kinda new in the hobby. i have heard you can mix some fish or have 2 of the same kind. as i look around here and on you tube i see many people with with different clown pairs, tangs from the same family and two of the some kinda. what is the truth with picking fish.
  10. new kole tang

    i have a new kole tang . i had him for a week now but i have not seen him eat. all he does is hide. from what i seen he has no ich and is not thin. should i be worried and how can i get him to eat . i keep 3 kinds of seaweed on clips everyday. i feed both frozen and dry food.
  11. protein skimmer help plz

    What would be the best brand for external protein skimmer for 125 gallon
  12. tangs

    i have a 125 gallon tank i am haven a hard time picking between a powder blue and a white cheek tang and i have both if i get them small
  13. QT or start without QT

    i just started a new 125 gallon reef tank. i only have 1 red sea sailfin tang,1 marron clown and 2 Blue/Green Reef Chromis. i am looking to more fish but i do not have a QT as of yet. i will not be able to set one one up for a few months. can i still add fish to the can. the LFS i use are really...
  14. bristle worms

    i just set up my 125 gallon tank. i put a few piece of shrimp to cycle the tank. when i was taken a good look i seen 3 bristle worms should i worry . should i just get shrimps and crabs that will eat them ??? its seems that the wroms were in the live rock from my old tank.
  15. i want them all

    were can i get info on all the different colors of Frogspawn, Hammer, and Torch corals.
  16. help with picking led lights

    which brand of LED lights is better. if you have what do you like about them. does it matter which one i pick from my list. 1 - AquaIllumination Vega Blue LED Fixture 2 - EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w (Gen 2) LED Light Fixture 3 - Orphek DIF-50 50 Watt 120 Degree LED Pendant - UV/blue 4 - Kessil...
  17. flow pump tips on what 2 pic

    is the Jebao WP40 Wave the same or better then EcoTech Marine MP40 Vortech Propeller Pump w/ Wireless EcoSMART Driver
  18. how much flow is good or to much

    i have a 125 gallon tank i want 2 know what would be the best set of pumps 4 my flow. i am starting fish only but will one day be a mix reef with a good amount of sps. 1- 2 EcoTech Marine MP40 Vortech Propeller Pump w/ Wireless EcoSMART Driver one on each side. 2- 1 EcoTech Marine MP40 Vortech...
  19. level a little off

    i am about to start my 125 reef tank again. i checked the level and its a little off should i worry.
  20. diy help with wood stand plz

    i have a 125 gallon reef ready tank i am thinking of building a wood stand that can fit a 55 or 75 gallon sump. i never build any thing in my life dont know were to start. really could use some tips . things on my mind now 1-2x4 or 4x4 2- 1 or 2 inches bigger then the tank 3- what 2 paint it...