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  1. Skimmer Q

    Is a Aqua C 120 powered by a Mag drive 12 with a valve to adjust the flow from the pump overkill for a 90 gallon?
  2. sump

    I changed my refugium into a sump with just my aqua c 120 in there and a magdrive 12 and a rio 1700 return and heater only. I had a 2 inch deep sandbed with live rock rubble and chaeto but I decided to go with just a sump. But my bubble coral is not fully open today and was wondering if it had...
  3. Ick

    My naso tang has blotches on his body and I have no idea what it is. I have transferred him to a 20 gallon quarantine tank with coppersafe I hope this works. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Ick in my tank!

    I bought a yellow tang about a week ago and it got ick and died within a few days. Now my concern is with the rest of my fish in the tank. I have a flame angel with the same symtoms and am very concerned about it. Will using an ick removing medicine that is reef safe help? I brought my water to...