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  1. time warner internet down in queens?

    2 nights in a row I lost service at 8:30. Was OK last night.
  2. Aquarium For Long Island Sound Creatures

    Pick up the big clumps of seaweed on the shore at low tide...there will be plenty of amphipods. Those local hermits are so much more entertaining and active than the tropical ones!
  3. Raw Vegan Bakery

    I was very amused to read my post and see that the genus to which our species belongs (Hint: it begins with an H) was blanked out and replaced by ****. My apologies if I offended anyone.
  4. Raw Vegan Bakery

    There is substantial evidence that both brain size and intelligence increased in the genus **** after the invention of fire allowed the cooking of foods, releasing more nutrients and increasing the efficiency of digestion.
  5. Suggestion for a small fish that eats algae for my sump.

    I've seen these gobies eat algae. Problem is, they get no nutrition from it. I've actually seen them stop sand sifting just to eat algae....and they slowly waste away and die.
  6. Flame Angelfish Eaten By Bubble Coral

    Petland doesn't always accept knowledge, either......
  7. Sad story

    There is an issue with pregnant women and cats...its toxoplasmosis (an even bigger issue for people who are immunocompromised, as with chemo therapy or AIDS). However, the problem is with the poop. It's OK for pregnant women to have a cat, just that someone else has to clean the litterbox.
  8. Sad story

    There was an article in the NY Times a few years ago, about how frozen rodents were heavily contaminated with Salmonella. I have 4 snakes...the corn snakes get fresh killed mice, but the gray banded king snake will only eat them live. I gave up breeding my snakes because the babies were so...
  9. F SeaWorld!

    I saw Blackfish...and as much as the movie moved me, I always got the feeling that it was promoting an agenda, particularly from the trainers interviewed. I'm glad I read Inevo's links, especially the last one. It was very informative. That being said, I do not believe killer whales should be...
  10. am so tired of the winter

    This weather is awful...its destroyed my chest and skin, my nose is a mess, and I'm continually exhausted. I walk a mile to work, so you know it's not fun. I'm a teacher too, and the policy towards snow days this season has been a disaster. No work gets done on snow's a baby sitting...
  11. Queens lfs

    One of the reason's I've begun to lose interest in the hobby is the lack of LFS in my neighborhood area (Rego Park). When I first got into SW, there was Aquatic Treasures on Woodhaven Blvd, always fun to look through...even my local Petland sold SW stuff (and had a knowledgeable person to manage...
  12. Sea Urchin

    I love uni- when it's fresh. Not so fresh, pretty yucky. But as much as i love uni, I prefer mirugai much more.
  13. Shark tagging

    I got out of research before I got my PhD. Just couldn't hack it...and decided that since I was a TA, and enjoyed the teaching so much more than the research, even my professor agreed that I should go into teaching...which I did. He himself got screwed over when his old line ichthyology research...
  14. Shark tagging

    Research is expensive, and money is tight. Grants are hard to get, and competition is fierce...the lab where my son got the PhD in his MD/PhD closed shortly after he one else was a skilled at writing grants for the NIH, so the money dried up. And this was for medical research...the...
  15. Anything eat poop?

    Fish "eat" poop all the time (so does my turtle)...the question is what do they do afterwards. A few seconds later they spit it out or it comes out through the gills. Fish don't have our inhibitions...its taste first, decide if its edible later.
  16. Anything eat poop?

    None of our aquarium animals "eat" poop...that is done by bacteria. They will sift through it and break it up, but the poop still remains.
  17. Your a Freak!

    I don't understand why there should be any controversy. Clownfish breed easily, so why not select for variations you like? I liked every one of the clowns in that picture, and if I had endless amounts of space, cash, time, and more cash, I'd keep every one of them. Well, maybe not the "naked"...
  18. Aquarium For Long Island Sound Creatures

    I would suggest collecting from bays connected to the sound rather than from the sound itself. Bays have far greater temperature ranges, and bay fauna will adjust more easily to temperature extremes. If you do so, don't worry about summer temps...just rely on ambient conditions. Winter is more...
  19. Aquarium For Long Island Sound Creatures

    You would want to keep the salinity lower than that of a reef tank. Your biggest problem long term would be keeping the temperatures low enough in winter. While some local inhabitants like Ilyanassa snails and killifish can survive with year round warmth, most, like hermit crabs, will need that...
  20. Are younger fish more healthier than older?

    It depends. In general, the larger the fish, the more likely the concentration of possible contaminants. With meat and poultry, smaller and younger is definitely better. But when it comes to fish, when I go fishing, I like big and meaty better. While everyone says that only small bluefish are...