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  1. Oceans Motions 4 way and true union ball valves

    Rebuilt with all new mags, comes with a version 2 and 3 drum. 1" outlets $200 OBO Also have 4 brand new in the box 1" Cepex true union ball valves to adjust flow. $15 each Located in Westwood NJ 07675
  2. 1/3 HP Chiller Current USA Prime Tower

    Flow through chiller with built in thermostat. Comes with enough spa flex to keep the chiller about 8 feet from your tank. Located in Westwood NJ 07675 $300 OBO
  3. Yellow Tang

    $20 Fat and healthy yellow tang I have had for 4 plus years. Currently in a 120 gallon, would prefer if it went into a similar or larger size tank. It is in Westwood, NJ 07675 Need to arrange something before breaking down this tank.
  4. DIY MP10 Dry Dock

    This was all done with a Solana in mind but may work for other tanks as well. I started with an empty "sharps" container that you put used syringes in (like a diabetic would at home). These should be available at a pharmacy, but not sure I got mine delivered with my with my allergy shots. I made...
  5. sapphire Aquatics no more?

    In doing some skimmer research I came across this unfortunate info:
  6. Tunze vs. Sapphire in Solana

    Which skimmer in a 34g Solana? Tunze 9002 with StevieT collection cup or Sapphire Aquatics? I have the stock Tunze, would just have to get the new cup, or sell that and get a sapphire? thanks.
  7. Kent Marine Maxxima RO/DI System $70

    50gpd unit w/ Auto Shut Off Valve: First two filters are brand new. (1) Sediment full size Poly Pro (1) Carbon block acid washed coconut carbon block filter DI and RO membrane are 6 months old. $70 Pick up in Westwood NJ 07675 or at swap later today if you act fast.
  8. Tanks + Equipment FS

    1. RR Oceanic cherry wood 30gal cube, drilled w/ 1 1/2" drain and 3/4 returns in upper corners. Includes tank, stand, glass canopy and matching strip light. SOLD 2. Sump that fits in 30 gal cube stand perfectly. SOLD 3. 34 gal cadlights signiture tank w/ black stand. Back wall drilled for...
  9. Rbta

    RBTA $50 med to large size when open. Mine split a week ago. Pick up in westwood, nj 07675 or I will be traveling to white plains this tuesday afternoon if you want to arrange something for then.
  10. WTT 1" Sea Swirls x 2

    I have 2 perfect condition 1" sea swirls that I want to trade for 3/4" sea swirls.
  11. Neon Green Specials FS/FT

    Tyree Neon Green polyp Toadstool Attached and growing frags 2x $25 2x $20 1x $15 (a little white on one side from sitting in shaded area during growth) Neon Green "Kryptonite" Trumpets These grow fast w/ small polyps under intense lighting, or slow w/ much larger polyps in shaded or lower...
  12. New RR 75 gallon

    75 gallon tank w/ clear glass over flow in the back left corner. 1" drain and 3/4" return holes. Tank has only seen fresh water for leak testing. Standard size : 48 x 18 x 20 No Stand $100 in Westwood NJ 07675 I am looking for a 50 breeder or 65 for possible partial trades
  13. Cracked Glass ?!?

    This one is for those with glass experience please. I have a used Inter-American 4ft 150 gallon (three side low iron glass) Euro-braced with two corner overflows, 1.25" drain in each box, three holes drilled on the back wall, one 1.5" bulkhead in the center and two 1" bulkheads in the upper...
  14. Oceanic 72 bowfront

    RR 72 gallon bowfront tank, black designer stand w/ black glass door, glass tops, all plumbing and a sump. Tank is also set up for a removable closed loop that runs along the upper edge that I will include. $250 a few small scratches but nothing major.
  15. FS 1/4 Hp Chiller

    Current Usa Prime Chiller FS Beat the heat on these hot summer days. Check specs out here: 1 year...
  16. Purple BTA w/ Green Tips

    5+ inches or so but could open up much more w/ room. $50 or maybe an interesting trade. Hackensack, NJ 07601 Just wish I had the room to keep it.
  17. Group Vortech magnet upgrades in North NJ

    I am ordering a magnet upgrade tomorrow. For those who don't know what I am talking about check here: If anyone is interested in saving on shipping and can make a pick up in Hackensack 07601 send me a pm. I won't be near a computer...
  18. Salt for sale.

    Not mine but someone might find it interesting:
  19. Free Hawaiian cleaner wrasse

    Hawaiian cleaner wrasse for free. Came from Daceman : Since being put in the tank a clown and a green clown gobie mysteriously disappeared. Today I found it trying to chomp on the remaining clown but she dives into her...
  20. Acan FS

    Looking to sell half a colony, if there is not enough interest I may be persuaded to frag it smaller. -Pink w/ orange mouth and green high lites beginning to show up. Piece is about 3"x3" half circle $40 Pick up in Hackensack 07601