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  1. Reef Reaper

    Has anyone used this website located in Vero Beach for live fishes?or should I use live aquaria? Thanks
  2. Reef Reaper

    Ecotech MP40 on sale!!!

    Hey fellow reefers, there is a sale on Ecotech Mp40 starting today!! Check it out!
  3. Reef Reaper

    2nd LIRA Frag Swap

    A very nice job by LIRA !! There was a very nice variety of vendors with reasonably priced corals for purchase. It had the same feel as a Macna conference!! Can?t wait for the next one!
  4. Reef Reaper

    Used MP40

    Looking for a possible upgrade with a MP40. Let me know what you have . Would buy a new one, but the budget would not allow it. Thanks!!
  5. Reef Reaper

    LiveAquaria? Professional Reef Salt

    I was worrying if anyone has tried the salt from Dr. Foster and Smith? The price is a lot cheaper compared to other salts out there. Let me know if it is worth the risk. thanks!
  6. Reef Reaper

    Rose Bubble tips for sale

    I have six rose bubble tips for sale. the first picture is the mother colony. 2 - 7" inch for $30 3- 5" inch for $20 1- 2" inch for $10 pickup only on Long Island -exit 50 on the LIE. PM is the best way to communicate thanks for looking!
  7. Reef Reaper

    wtb : live rotifers

    Anyone on long island?
  8. Reef Reaper

    Happy Father's Day!!

    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!! Enjoy your day!!!buy something for yourself for the tank!
  9. Reef Reaper

    Best lights for phytoplankton???

    Just curious about the best lights to grow phytoplankton .I always had good growth with standard light bulbs from Home Depot and also white led strip lighting. Do you think using red and blue lightbulbs or grow light will promote better phytoplankton growth?? Thanks everyone!!
  10. Reef Reaper

    Radion G4 user group!!

    I finally joined the elite EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G4 Pro LED Light Fixture group.It was a gift from my wife for Valentine's Day! The two lights are in place and I was wondering what everyone is using for the template or what is their lighting schedule? My tank is 1/2 sps and 1/2 lps and...
  11. Reef Reaper

    Radion G4 vs. G4 Pro version?? Why Pro?

    I sure many of you people out there have ask yourself this question. Why choose the pro version over the regular version. I know the pro has 12 more led, more colors and more power, but is this worth the extra money? I was curios on this from all the Radion users out there. Thanks!!
  12. Reef Reaper

    AI Hydra 52 users?

    Are there any AI Hydra 52 users out there? I was contemplating whether to purchase them instead of the more expensive Radions. Are you happy with the results of the Hydra's? I have an AI Prime HD light and it works really well. Thanks for the help!
  13. Reef Reaper

    best FILTER Socks to buy??

    I have a quick question about filter socks. Mine always seem so difficult to flip inside out and vice versa. Does any one use socks that are softer and easier to flip? I tried using the 200 micron mesh type sock, but I don't really care for them. thanks for looking!!
  14. Reef Reaper

    Radios gen4 vs Hydra 52 hd

    I know Ecotech Radions are probably the best lights out there. I was wondering what people thought about the Hydra lights or what would be the second best lighting to purchase? Thanks everyone and stay safe and warm!!
  15. Reef Reaper

    Blue monti

    Anyone with blue montipora frag for sale on Long Island? Thanks
  16. Reef Reaper

    Kessil A80 , good light for nano?

    I have an Ehiem 6 gallon nano with zoanthids. Do you think this is good for good growth and colors? Thanks!
  17. Reef Reaper

    Plant grow bulb for cheato?

    Question for people out there that have cheato. Do you think a plant grow bulb with the colors of red and blue be efficient enough to promote good growth? I have a regular led bulb now and the growth is good Just wondering if a grow bulb would be better? Thanks!
  18. Reef Reaper

    Black mollies: how to acclimate them to salt h2o?

    Has anyone had success in acclimating black mollies into a saltwater environment and do they do well? Thanks!
  19. Reef Reaper

    Used majano wand

    Looking for a used majano wand to zap palys.
  20. Reef Reaper

    Aquabot turbo pool cleaner

    Inground aquabot turbo pool cleaner About two years old in good working condition $100.00 Pick up exit 50 on LIE