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  1. reefoman

    Lighting Pacific sun hybrid light fixture for sale

    Ok here?s the deal... I have for sale 2 years old fixture in good working condition except one T5 channel, I got brand new (still in the box) full enclosure replacement with all T5 ballast installed in. You can run this light as is with only 6 T5 bulbs and leds or switch leds to the new...
  2. reefoman

    WTB zoas

    I?m looking to buy some zoas in upper west manhattan or LIC area. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. reefoman

    wtb Sea hare

    Looking to buy one. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. reefoman

    Equipment for sale

    Since I have no time to play with my tank any more I would like to sell everything... I?ll eventually switch to fresh water. Livestock: About 70lb of live rock with some lps, shrooms nothing fancy and only few corals, pair of Picasso clowns and marine beta $300 for everything. Rocks has some...
  5. reefoman

    Leopard Wrasse supermale

    Posting this Leopard Wrasse supermale (Macropharyngodon meleagris) for my friend, he received this beautiful fish friday but is too big for his tank so he bringed it to me... I run bare bottom tank so I don't think is good idea to keep this fish. He would like to get back at least $80 Leopard...
  6. reefoman

    wtb snails

    Hi there, I would like to buy a few turbo snails or something similar... I just realized that I have 2 snails in 140 gal tank :-/ Lmk please, thanks
  7. reefoman

    time to clean up...

    I have some items collecting dust in my basement from months and I would like to trade/sell them. I have two brand new aquariums that I built a few months ago but I never finished both, If I'll find someone seriously interested I can finish them. First tank is 36"x24"x20"H, 1/2" thick glass...
  8. reefoman

    Live rock

    I?m looking to buy few big pieces of live rock from running/established tank. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. reefoman

    FS/FT Pandora Hyperion S X8

    About one year old, 3x75w leds plus 8X54w T5s, pearl white. $1k or trade for led only fixtures, i'm interested in ophrek or aqua illumination. No radions please. I don't need that powerful light fixture any more my tank is almost empty. Here are some info about fixture...
  10. reefoman

    draining down grow up tanks

    I want to drain my grow up tanks asap and getting rid of all clownfish. Leaving hobby slowly and would like to start from them. Here's what left... Prices are really low so please don't lowball First is hand selected matted pair of my (breeded by me) clowns onyx picasso: Untitled by Mark...
  11. reefoman

    Wyoming White clownfish F/T

    They hatch january 7th so as of today almost 7 months ago. Some of them are about 1,5" so you can build nice pair and watch them grow. Trade value $45 for single or $80 for pair I'm looking for soft, colorful corals or fish... small angels, cardinals, tangs (small). LMK what you have and let's...
  12. reefoman

    Clownfish for trade

    Young clownfish, less than a year old Female about 2" male 1,5" Trade value $40 Pics updated May 27, previous pair is gone More clowns available to build pairs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. reefoman

    Some fish wanted

    Hi all, Looking for one marine betta, one or two adult bangaii cardinals I have young clownfish for trade if somebody is interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. reefoman

    Chiller TECO TR-20 1/3HP

    Bough it used about 3 years ago when was running sfiligoi metal halide light fixture, since I've switched back to led/t5 combo I don't need this chiller any more. Bought brand new long-elbow connectors, chiller has installed 400w heater. $350 firm Still have original box Sent from my iPhone...
  15. reefoman

    Young clownfish for trade

    Hey everyone, I raised some decent looking clowns, parents looking very good but babies came as a lower Onyx Picasso. They are about 1"-1,1/4" big and still have some potential but is time to go for new homes. I'm looking for yellow tang (small about 2") hippo tang (small about 2") and some...
  16. reefoman

    Diamond goby (pair)

    Healthy and big, mated pair... Would like to trade them for some good looking zoas or palys. I'm sorry for bad pic, I have them in the fish trap and would be great to move them asap. Sent from my iPhone 6 using Tapatalk pro
  17. reefoman

    Fish Trap

    I would like to borough or buy working fish trap to get ride of my pair of diamond gobies. Thanks,
  18. reefoman

    Brs refractometer for trade

    Switched to Hanna and don't need this one anymore. In good condition, box, manual and calibration solution included. Would like to trade it for some nice zoas. Sent from my iPhone 6 using Tapatalk pro
  19. reefoman

    Vortech MP60 controller board

    Upgraded to QD driver over a year ago and the older version collecting dust. If someone want it I would trade it for some nice zoa frag. Sent from my iPhone 6 using Tapatalk pro
  20. reefoman

    Bright green gsp

    I'm looking to buy chunky frag or colony of greens star polyp, but something looking really bright. Please Lmk if you guys have some. Thanks