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  1. DCG1286

    F/S Complete 93G Marineland setup

    Hey MR, Hope all is well with this site and it's awesome members. Anyways, the time has come (as it always does) to take a LOOOONG break from this hobby. My busy schedule is really starting to eat away at me and the tank of course is always the first to be put on the back burner. Not fair...
  2. DCG1286

    F/S 2009 Macbook (Aluminum casing)

    $500 obo (would also consider an Mp40w ES + cash or Reef Octopus XP 2000 or 3000 ... would also consider a 1/4HP chiller) Restored back to factory settings. mint condition with brand new battery. The Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.0 13-Inch (Unibody - Late 2008/Aluminum) features a 45 nm...
  3. DCG1286

    Spring cleaning - part 2

    Going to be re-doing my tank a bit, so it's time to let go of some stuff. :( -Orange and Green Montipora Colonies with a 2" sunset montipora on 7-8LB piece of Live rock - $70 OBO Green Mushroom/Paly rock (2lb piece of live rock): $20 -Squamosa Clam (9") - $125 OBO (had this clam for...
  4. DCG1286

    Free Chaetomorpha (11358)

    Got 2 ziplock bags of chaeto ready for pick up (hopefully today)! Location: Flushing (11358) PM or RB. -David
  5. DCG1286

    WTB 36 or 48" T-5 retrofit kit

    As the title states. :) PM or RB! Thanks in advance! -David
  6. DCG1286

    Spring cleaning $10 frag sale

    Since spring is just around the corner, I figured I would get a head start and clean up my tank a bit. $10 per frag. :) -Tyree Undata -Dr. Mac Purple Polyped/Pink Based Birdsnest -ORA Purple Stylo -Purple rim Green Monti Cap -Orange Monti Cap -Tyree Setosa -Photosynthetic Gorgonian I...
  7. DCG1286

    Free RODI unit

    Aqua-safe Systems RODI unit (pretty sure it's 100gpd) Haven't used it in a while, but you will need to change out the filters! I had given one of these away before, then realized I actually owned a 2nd unit. I also have the RO tubing to go along with it that you can have (obviously lol.)...
  8. DCG1286

    WTB Red Dragon Acropora

    If anyone has a frag locally please drop me a PM and location. (If you have a pic please send that as well!) Thanks!
  9. DCG1286

    DBTC: Green Star Polyps

    I have a large mat of Green Star Polyps I would like to pass along to another reefer. If you decide to frag it up later on, please be kind enough to just pass it a long at no charge. Pick up from Flushing/Auburndale (11358) PM or RB
  10. DCG1286

    F/S Tyree Undata (mini colonies)

    $50 [SOLD] $40 $30 Mother colony is nearly 4 years old (and has been fragged many many times by now.) *This is not even an updated photo of the colony* PM please. -David
  11. DCG1286

    Vertex UF-20 Universal Media Reactor (with bio-pellet modification)

    $90 - Now $80 Reactor with the original fittings for use with carbon or GFO along with the fittings used for the bio-pellets. Footprint: 5x5" - 23.5" tall Comes with a PUMP and the tubing. Rated 396GPH Pick up at 11358 (Flushing/Auburndale) PM please! -David
  12. DCG1286

    F/S: RODI Unit, Par38 Bulb

    As I am cleaning out my fish stuff (again) I decided I no longer need this RO unit or Par38 bulb since I had broken down the nano tank it was on quite some time ago. Par38 Bulb (Blue/White 15 bulbs total) $70 (Purchased from Tropical Island. owned for a year, only used it for 5 months)...
  13. DCG1286

    F/S Tyree Undata Frags

    NEW ITEM: Aqua-Safe Systems RO/DI unit - $40 (you should change the filters, you will need some extra RO tubing and the faucet adapter if you choose to set it up that way.) OR offer a trade for coral!!! Whatever you want. :) Tyree Undata Frags 3 @ $20 (2 1/2x3") Frags: Mother colony...
  14. DCG1286

    F/T Hammer Coral/Tyree Monti Undata

    Hey MR, I have half of my hammer colony up for trade, it broke a while back at least 5 months ago now, and I just really have no space to keep it so I am just looking for a trade for another type of LPS or SPS. Color is green with purple tips. 9-10 full heads and a bunch of babies. Also I...
  15. DCG1286

    DBTC: Orange Monti Cap

    Hey MR, I have a piece of Orange Monti Cap I am putting into the DBTC. Pretty simple coral to keep IMO. Only rule I have for this is that all future frags from this piece must be offered in the MR DBTC. That's about it. lol. Pick up is Flushing, NY 11358 PM or RB! -David
  16. DCG1286

    Happy Birthday Ed4!!!

    Happy Birthday Ed!!! I hope you are enjoying the day! (Since this is a Family site I will refrain from posting the "birthday girls")
  17. DCG1286

    Spring Cleaning Sale

    20L RR 30" x 12" x 12" (there is one hole drilled in the upper right hand part of the tank for a bulkhead. I was going to set this up some time ago, but never got around to it, and really have no interest in setting it up at this point in time!) = Just trade me a piece of coral if you really...
  18. DCG1286


    DBTC: DCG1286 LE Grows like a weed Anthelia (lame. lol.) There are probably 20-25 large polyps. (Not my photo) Rule are simple ... just pass it on when you feel it is starting to grow out of control in your tank! :D PICK UP IS FLUSHING, NY 11358 PM or RB. -David
  19. DCG1286

    Nano Cube 12G

    This tank was given to me by a friend over the summer, I enjoyed taking care of a little nano tank for a while, but as with anything, we upgrade. Since it was given to me at no charge, I figured I would pay it forward and offer this up to the next member. If you want this tank and will agree...
  20. DCG1286

    The Simple 40G Soft Coral Tank

    Well, with whatever spare time I have left (which I guess falls into the "I should be asleep hours LOL) ... I decided to set up another tank ... mainly to transfer my soft corals and LPS from the my main tank, the 93G Cube. Big thank you to Ruha456 for the excellent tank and stand! Another...