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  1. Question tunze wavebox

    Hey BRS is having a sale on Tunze and was wondering are there any reefers using a wavebox and how long were/are you using it also do they really affect the stability of a tank long term.
  2. Free Free bag o Chaeto

    also interested in some
  3. 80g Deep blue shallow tank

    No, thank you and glad things worked out for you, and happy reefing
  4. 80g Deep blue shallow tank

    Tired of rimless going back to a rimmed tank so selling a reef ready 80g for $125 due to scratches on the front made from the magnet , dimensions are 48l x 24w x 16h running now if you want to see it before the transfer this weekend Thanks for looking
  5. Tank Tank breakdown sale

    Bump , make an offer
  6. Tank Tank breakdown sale

    Selling for a friend who upgraded.he is selling for $350 or reasonable offer please pm with a text number for pics or if interested in one item make an offer 75 non reef ready with No Stand very good condition 2 canisters Uv sterilizer Glass tops Thanks for looking
  7. Items for sale

    Apex lite orange label -Brain, Eb8, temp and screen (no ph probe) all in excellent working order $175 Red sea 150 phosband reactors no pump $25 each JBJ Auto top off w/2 sensors (one not working ) I used it with 1 sensor -$50 Milwalkee ORP controller no probe $40 Excellent working condition...
  8. Ozone Users

    Anybody using ozone on their tanks or anybody that was using it and decided to stop using, if so why
  9. $20 items for sale

    Red Sea 150 phosphate reactor Red Sea 150 phosphate reactor MH 250w ballast BRS. Container of bio pellets ( 95% full ) BRS 2 part 1/2 container of sodium ash/ calcium cloride ( together for $20 ) BRS Full container of Kalkwasser
  10. Tank Troble/ Why the sudden Lost of corals

    Tank Trouble/ Why the sudden Lost of corals Tank was doing fine, tank started to leak, so I purchased a new tank same gallons, transferred everything over. thought I was fine. a few days later STN so I checked the water parms everything was fine, began to frag, a few days later bleached corals...
  11. Skimmer fore sale

    Got a excellent shape Eshopps PSK 100 rated for 100g for $65 (3rd gen -sicce quiet pump ) thanks for looking
  12. Phosban reactor 150

    Brand new Phosban reactor for $40 decided not going to make a pellet reactor thanks
  13. RO Water needed

    RO unit cracked and I cant make any RO water looking to buy at least 5 gallons now until I figure what I'm going to do, thanks
  14. Tanks

    Any vendors having a sale on tanks for the holiday I want to by a new one
  15. ATI Fixture for sale/trade

    60in ATI FIXURE for sale (6 bulb) with 5 month bulbs in it for $300 or trade for a 6 bulb 48in or 2 MH pendants with ballast
  16. ATI 48" bulb 4 sale

    2 brand new aqua blue 48" bulbs for sale $15 each or both for $28
  17. T5 bulbs

    2 Brand new Aquablue 48" t5 bulbs for sale for $30(both) or $17 each which ever you perfer
  18. Tank 4 Sale

    40g breeder with stand, over the back overflow for $110 100 ehoppes skimmer with sicce pump $65 newest version
  19. Skimmer for sale

    Selling my very good condition ehopps psk 75 for $65 upgraded to a vertex 150 Thanks for looking
  20. Coral Ridge

    Any body have a frag of coral ridge I believe its brown with a shinny coat, with white polyps Thanks