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my Montipora is basically peeling off since two days... again! Attached you can find two pics of what I'm finding out today!! It is like skin coming off the coral...

After fighting the dinos in my small tank (130liters between sump + refugium + main), I finally have back what I consider reasonable water parameters:
Temp: 25.5 C
Salinity: 35 ppt
PH: 8,05
dKH: 11
NO3: 4 mg/l
PO4: 0,03 mg/l
Ca: 500 mg/l (still high but lowering)
Mg: 1380 mg/l

When the dinos have started (Nov 2020) due to the measures I've applied (e.g. higher temperature) the sps and lps started suffering.
Since 2 weeks the parameters are stabilizing and the dinos are gone. I have 'hairy algae' now but it is also something that is slowly fading away.

During the fight with the dinos I have decided to cut off all the branches of the montipora that were bleached.
And now the healthy parts are peeling off again, after 2/3 weeks of stable conditions.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? Do you have any suggestion?
In the meanwhile today I will try a bath in the Revive and move the montipora to the refugium.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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Since you can see the hair algae, it does still look like an issue. I have tried numerous solutions and for a while Vibrant worked. What did the trick in the long run, is a yellow tang and good clean up crew. However, long hair algae may not be touched by the crean up crew.

Once hair algae starts on a a coral, I found in the short run, is to take the coral out of the tank and I use a dropper of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a syringe. Keep in this solution for 15 minutes and rinse with tank water outside of tank. You may squirt couple of shots on the coral. However, I found that different corals have different tolerances on this solution. Some corals can die from this treatment.

What happens is that to see it working is kind of cool. You can see bubbles squirting on the hair algae. Satisfaction on that... lol. You will see the hair algae die off in a couple of days.

If coral is big and you have to squirt in tank, keep all skimmers off for 15 minutes and dose in tank. This is not as effective and other corals will not be happy. Be careful, because different corals can die.

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Im having the same issue with mine, i looked it up and it says temp issues but im at the same temp you have!

i moved all around my tank and even in high flow all frags and colony of this sps are bleaching


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I’m reading articles that explain that this kind of symptoms can be caused by infections. It does not seem to be STN or RTN. And it looks like there is no much to do. Some believe that those infections hardly go away, moving from one coral to others based on water parameters (e.g. increased temperature) that can weaken the corals.
I will try a Revive bath, lower the temperature and increase food to the SPS... I’m considering also the hydrogen peroxide. Thanks

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