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Tank started out from a 40B with sump and real live rock as a small grow out frag tank for my 100g, But then COVID got me bored and I started modifying the tank, changing it into a AIO, and changing the aquascape many times.

I miss my sump.

First DIY rockscape was a shelf marco rock scape, then a negative space aquascape using marco rocks then a DIY bonsai reef... It isn't that bad but I was not completely satisfied. but hey! now I finally am satisfied with this aquascape using caribsea dry rock!! ( just put in, cycled)

***every time I build the scape from scratch, I vowed to never build an aquascape again. lets see how long before I decide to change the scape again :p ***


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Lots of stuff died since tank setup. Lost my 6th attempt at fox flame and 4th attempt at Hawkins.

Stuff are finally growing well. There is no STN or RTN (for 4 months) since daily dose of phytoplankton and a little bacteria dose. Guess I needed that for new tank to stabilize.

A little gift to myself for this milestone:
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