Hi Everyone, most of you know me as WEDFR on here and Reefcentral. Ive recently started a business fabricating Protein Skimmers. You should start to see them at reeftropicals.com as well as some other stores within a month.

I wanted to Extend to everyone at Manhattanreefs a chance to get a new Protein Skimmer for just about what it costs to make. Im going to be doing a run of Beckett Injected Skimmers uning an 8 inch diameter Reaction chamber. I can make them any height you need just send me a PM or an email of what you have in mind and ill get back to you with a quote.

There are some pics of of one of my smaller skimmers in teh DIY forum and ill post some pics of a big dual injector i just finished for a distributor if anyone is interested.

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As promised the new pictures of a 40" Dual injector were just uploaded to my photogallery

Specs and Pricing of standard models to come soon.


Ok the prices for the 8 inch series are as follows.

24" Tall - $299
30" Tall - $360
36" Tall - $400

All Models come with the following Features

100% Cell Cast Acrylic.
1.5" Gate Valve.
Keyhole Flanges all around.
Completly Removable Injector housing and injector for easy cleaning.
Unique Swirl Design for longer contact time.
Collection cup drain.
3/8" Ball Valve for air control.
1/4" John Guest Push in fitting for Calcium Reactor or Ozone.
Flame polished edges.

Any Questions just ask. If you need a pump for them i can hook up anyone who orders with a GenX Mak4 for $105 plus what it costs to ship to me.

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Cool. How do they work though? Because with that money I could go out and get the real thing. I don't see how that is that great of a deal, sorry.


Well these are the REAL thing, I highly doubt you can find a beckett skimmer with an 8" diameter reaction chamber for that cheap, thats about half price.

You may be right if you were comparing them to the standard 6" diameter models most places produce. Check out Reefconcepts.com and go to there 800 series or to presiocon marine and look at there XL series


I can vouch for these prices. Becket injection skimmers are NOT CHEAP! I payed $600 for my 8" diameter 24" tall skimmer from Reef Concepts (Aerofoamer). So at $299, these are half price!

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