I am just starting out, my website www.projectreef.com will be up within the month, I wanted to share my excitement with everyone on manhattanreefs and offer everyone some items on sale. I am located in Queens so if youd like you can pick it up and save on shipping.

In Stock
CoralVue 250Watt Electronic Ballasts $95
CoralVue 250Watt 10000K Mogul Bulbs $48

Special Order Items

CoralVue 150Watt Electronic HQI Ballast $110
CoralVue 175Watt Electronic Ballast $100
CoralVue 175Watt Mogul Any Color $48
CoralVue 250Watt Mogul Any Color $50
CoralVue 150Watt HQI Any Color $58
CoralVue 250Watt HQI Any Color $65

If any special order itams are ordered in 6 or more on the ballast a 5% discount will apply and 12 or more for the bulbs and a 5% discount will apply


Also this month i can offer the new PowerSolar HQI hoods.

PSL50 $250 Plus shipping from Manufacturer
PSL90 $425 Plus Shipping from Manufacturer

www.wonbrothers.com for more info and pictures.

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