Hillsborough NJ
sunset montie tyree 65

superman Brudda the real deal 70

rainbow monties totally encrusted frag plugs tyree 50

tyree undata 40 all sizes aval.

tons of rare acros.
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Hillsborough NJ
have a few exquisita frags from atl $50 these are rare, first frags offered in years.

tubs mystic blue another rare one $50

Blue Bali Echinata from upscales $40

from upscales $40 per frag

tyree purple monster 3/4 inch 75

all type of millies 25 and up

limeaid from RM 35

pink lemonaid 60

tubs alien eye 45

tubs nuc green table 45

a few different type plana acros 35

rainbow granulosa 50

blues tort a few different kinds 35 and up

hillers aqua delight 40

setosa 75


luners 3 heads 25

tubs blues 3 per head

ppe's 20 per head

nuks 10 per head

rose nebulas 20 per head

jokers 25 for 3

rastas 15 per head

lots of other zoa's aval.


Diamonds of the Reef
Brooklyn, NY
I visited Stan a couple of weeks ago and he definitely has some of the best looking corals I have ever seen. I drove about an hour and a half out and it was well worth it.

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