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I’ll take a bubble gum and slimmer i Work in Manhattan I can meet you during the week after 3
Aquarium, black tip shark, eel, and other fish for free. 10ft x 10ft x 3 ft deep. Custom built.


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Pick up in Melville, NY
More pictures coming today
I think i may be a little late looking for walt disney frag. Whould you let me know if you frag again i will take one. I have purchased from you before,
WTB clown fish and 6 line wrasse please let me know what clown fish do you have for sale…. Thanks in advance!
Sub bro! Damm few months late. I might be coming back to the breeding hobby. Wish I would had seen these before. I would ve bought those bali p2 hope who ever got them get to breed bali to Bali.