World Wide Corals Visits SeaWorld Orlando 12,000g Reef Tank

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Orlando, Florida
SeaWorld may be known as an amazing aquatic theme park, but it’s much, much more than that. Behind-the-scenes there is a massive zoological team striving to provide the best in animal care, training, conversation, and research. After visiting with them earlier this month at SeaWorld Orlando we must say they are one of the best of the best when it come to husbandry of coral reef tanks. They have 2 major reef tank displays located at the Orlando Park. This visit we only got a chance to visit the Manta Aquarium. The Manta Aquarium invites visitors of the park to share in the wonders & mysteries of the sea. … this area of SeaWorld Orlando houses 10 different unique & amazing aquariums inhabited by more than 3,000 marine animals. We were of course fascinated by them all, however being that Reef Tanks are kind of "our thing" we spent the majority of our visit exploring the 12,000 Gallon Reef Tank. During the visit we meet up with Justin Zimmerman (Aquarium Supervisor) main curator of this amazing reef who gave us a great behind the scenes tour and even took some timeout to do some Q&A with Victor Fornari ( Co-Owner) of World Wide Corals. We are already planning to go back soon to finish our tour and do another video of the reef tank that is located under the ride Journey to Atlantis.