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Native Zoanthids in Taiwan


Taiwan is a small island locates on the east side of China. The island mainly locates in subtropical zone. The warm climate and reef landform in certain areas are quite suitable for corals to grow. Not many people know that there are lots of coral species, especially zoanthids, natively growing in Taiwan. There are mainly three regions where reef corals densely distribute (as shown in the figure below, three circles in dash line). One locates at northern Taiwan and the other two at southern part. The most famous reef zone in Taiwan is called "Kenting" which locates at very south part. It is a national park which is well protected due to its specific ecological system of great coral and fish variety.


Most people who love to collect zoanthids might have heard of "Japanese Deepwater Zoas" which were quite popular in the past few years. I was quite surprised when I heard of this name about two years ago. To me, these deepwater zoas are commonly found in most saltwater fish stores in Taiwan. I was told by the collectors and the store owners that these zoas were actually found and collected during the ebb at shallow water zones. So, I do not realize why they were called deepwater zoas. Maybe they were really found in Japan as well but in deepwater zones.

Here, I would like to share photos of some native Taiwan zoas that I have been keeping in my personal tank for years. Most of them have been fragged for few times. All the photos were taken under LED light (white : blue = 2 : 1).


This is really a unique and gorgeous zoa species that I have ever seen. It is of course one of my favorite species in my tank.

Fruit Loops

This one is also unique due to its tri-color appearance. About 8-10mm in diameter per polyp. Grows fast.

Red People Eater

A typical zoa species commonly found in Taiwan. The bright and dense red color with the fluorescent green mouth makes it a "must have" species to most of zoa enthusiasts in Taiwan.

Green People Eater

Just like the red people eater, this green species is also commonly available in the market. However, long-term maintenance of the fluorescent green color seems to be a little difficult.

Special LA Lakers with green skirt

Most people should have seen or heard of LA Lakers which are have yellow skirt. However, this one is even more special due to its green skirt. A recommendable species to put in your collect list.

Eagle Eye

A commonly available species in the market. Not expensive but really nice with its tri-color appearnce. You should note that it has the same three colors as the Fruit Loops but in different parts.

Mandarin Orange

Another "Must Have" species that I strongly recommend. Unlike King Midas, this one has brilliant orange skirt making it more attractive than most of the single colored species.

Sunrise Sakura (named by myself)

A canary yellow species with unique pink skirt. Just like the cherry blossoms in the sunrise. Difficult to maintain the colors if the light is not intense enough. Large polyps with 10-12mm in diameter.

Blueberry Violet

One of my favoite blue zoa species in my personal collection. Bright fluorescent green skirt under white light. The green color becomes yellow when offering blue light. Very special!


Peach Ring

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