dont know if this is a rare coral or not... i have a few in my tank, thriving, that i got from a petstore i used to work at.. but would like to obtain more.. i have no idea what the scientific name would be.. this is the only pic on the net that i could find of these things... does anyone know what other common name i could look for them under? or possibly the scientific?



not sure if it helps or not.. i am looking specifically for the blue hawaiian ones.. dont know if they have a definitive scientific/common name.. they are a brown color with blue/purple in the centers and around the edges.. glow in blacklight ... i have some regular green buttons and can find tons of info on them.. but when i got the hawaiian ones from the pet store they told me they were fairly hard to find and honestly didnt do that well .. so far they are thriving.. have spread to 5 times the size of when i got them.. not sure how they differ from other buttons.. the page i got the picture from listed them as Epizoanthus sp... anyway.. thanks for the contribution..


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From the size of those polyps (judging from what little foreground comparison is present) they look alot more like Protopalythoas.
Do they have a large pronounced "slit" mouth?

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