Francis- The Fish GeekMy first aquarium was a 10 gallon Hagen kit with an AquaClear filter. Who would have guessed that nearly 30 years later I would end up developing products for Hagen. I feel very fortunate to have turned my childhood hobby into a rewarding career.

Like so many hobbyists, my passion for fish tanks quickly led to more tanks at home and fancier toys. To fund my aquatic addiction, I got a job at a local fish store just to get the employee discount.  My desire to play with bigger tanks and more exotic species took me away from the hobbyist side of aquarium keeping and into the public aquarium sector where I spent the next 13 years working. I landed a job at the renowned Vancouver Aquarium where at 17, I was hand feeding sharks during the twice weekly dive shows, caring for their 2500 reef tank and working in their larval fish rearing lab. From there, I journeyed into the realm of building Mega Tanks in the Middle East for public aquariums, science centers and the whims of the oil Sheikhs.

After coming back to North America and joining Living Color 4 years ago, I was gradually able to reconnect with my aquarium hobbyist roots. My foray into reality TV with Fish Tank Kings on Nat Geo Wild allowed me to meet a new generation of aquarium enthusiasts, fish geeks and industry innovators. I realized how much I missed the camaraderie of the aquatic community and wanted to be a part of it again. I wanted to get back involved with the community, aquarium clubs, conferences and fish stores that inspired me as a kid.

Being on Fish Tank Kings has allowed me to help encourage new audiences to become interested in aquariums.  My role as Aquatic Development Manager at Hagen will allow me to take my passion for aquariums to another level and positively impact many aquarium enthusiasts. I will be able to influence the development of Hagen’s aquatic brands (Fluval, AquaClear, Marina, Nutrifin etc.) with a focus on simplicity and innovation.


I believe that working for Hagen Aquatics to create excellent aquarium products coupled with my planned educational initiatives will have a significant positive influence on the aquarium hobby. I am excited for the opportunity to better educate enthusiasts and help promote the growth and advancement of the hobby that I love.

On a side note, I will co-star in every episode of the upcoming new season of Fish Tank Kings that will air early in the New Year.  Check it out!

Francis YupangcoHagen’s Official Press Release

Hagen Names Francis Yupangco Aquatic Development Manager

Mansfield, MA – (For Immediate Release) A leader in the aquatics market,Hagen is known for a powerful brand lineup that includes Fluval,FluvalSea,Marina and AquaClear. Now the company has made the team behind those brands stronger with the appointment of Francis Yupangco as Aquatics Development Manager.

Yupangco’s educational and career background make him exceptionally qualified for his new position. In addition to earning a BSc. in marine biology from Simon Fraser Universityin Vancouver,Canada, he holds an MBA from Royal Roads University.  His work experience ranges from designing and managing complex marine habitats to overseeing market development plans for global corporations.

“We’re very excited to welcome Francis on board,” said Rolf Hagen Jr., President and CEO of Rolf C. Hagen Inc. “His skills and experience make him ideal for the position of aquatics development manager. He’s not only very well versed in marine biology, he also has a great grasp of marketing and market development, which enables him to look at things from a variety of angles.”

Prior to joining Hagen, Yupangco served as Director of Marketing and Business Development at Living Color Enterprises. Francis co-stars in the National Geographic reality TV series Fish Tank Kings, which features the company and its services. While at Living Color, he worked with a variety of corporate entertainment clients including Disney, Sea World, Rainforest Café and the Florida Marlins Major League Baseball team.

Francis was also Director of Operations at Issham Aquatics International, where he led aquarium operations at 30 locations across four countries, including major tourist attractions and government institutions, such as the Khalifa Park Maritime Museum, Prince Sultan Science and Technology Center and the Royal Palace Shark Encounter. Prior to that, Francis was employed at the prestigious Vancouver Aquarium for seven years as an aquarist and researcher.

Now at Hagen, Yupangco is looking forward to building on the reputation of some of the aquatic industry’s most iconic brands. “This is an exciting opportunity,” he said. “The aquatic brands in our portfolio have always stood for quality; and the company’s commitment to advancing aquatic technology and responsible pet care is second to none, so I am very proud to be associated with Hagen.  The recent launch of and Fluval’s social media initiatives is exciting. I will be able to really interact with our aquarium enthusiasts to discuss everything from fish breeding to LED lighting and water quality. I look forward to simplifying aquarium keeping through innovation to make the hobby enjoyable and easy for everyone.”


Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet products, pet food and pet supplies with facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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