Reef Halloween Costumes

What better way to celebrate Halloween than actually BECOMING you favorite sea creature? Which one do you like best? Are you excited about the prospect of getting a little closer to that laid-back sea...

Reef Beef Episode 50 – Ben Drills Rich

Ben Drills Rich - Episode 50 In this episode Ben asks Rich a lot of questions about science literacy and Ben talks about rusty aquarium hardware. Thank you to our sponsors: Biota Aquariums: Saltwater Aquarium: The Veterans, Military, and Civil Service Discount program is now Open to Healthcare Workers. - Their loyalty program includes 5% Back via Reward points and Freebies #SkepticalReefkeeping #ScienceLiteracy #ReefBeef Links: Rich’s MACNA 2018 talk: Get notified of new episodes by receiving an email from Reef Beef! Buy Reef Beef a Beer! Become a Member: Time Stamps 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:31 Rich’s system 00:02:59 Rich’s Pond 00:04:10 Daily water changes 00:04:39 ICP scores? 00:06:52 New Client #1 00:09:01 Moist air 00:13:07 SPONSOR: 00:15:25 New Client #2 00:16:53 Rich’s light problems 00:19:34 Let the drilling begin 00:22:37 Identifying Snake Oil 00:29:48 SPONSOR: Biota Aquariums 00:32:06 Evaluating the results of a product 00:41:59 What does it mean to be skeptical? 00:50:08 does correlation equal causation? 00:57:05 Critical Thinking 01:00:30 Ben’s Beef 01:05:55 Wrap Up 01:06:23 Bloopers