Reef Beef Episode 50 – Ben Drills Rich

Ben Drills Rich - Episode 50 In this episode Ben asks Rich a lot of questions about science literacy and Ben talks about rusty aquarium hardware. Thank you to our sponsors: Biota Aquariums: Saltwater Aquarium: The Veterans, Military, and Civil Service Discount program is now Open to Healthcare Workers. - Their loyalty program includes 5% Back via Reward points and Freebies #SkepticalReefkeeping #ScienceLiteracy #ReefBeef Links: Rich’s MACNA 2018 talk: Get notified of new episodes by receiving an email from Reef Beef! Buy Reef Beef a Beer! Become a Member: Time Stamps 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:31 Rich’s system 00:02:59 Rich’s Pond 00:04:10 Daily water changes 00:04:39 ICP scores? 00:06:52 New Client #1 00:09:01 Moist air 00:13:07 SPONSOR: 00:15:25 New Client #2 00:16:53 Rich’s light problems 00:19:34 Let the drilling begin 00:22:37 Identifying Snake Oil 00:29:48 SPONSOR: Biota Aquariums 00:32:06 Evaluating the results of a product 00:41:59 What does it mean to be skeptical? 00:50:08 does correlation equal causation? 00:57:05 Critical Thinking 01:00:30 Ben’s Beef 01:05:55 Wrap Up 01:06:23 Bloopers

Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

An intelligent and inquisitive being (it has the largest brain-to-body ratio for any mollusk), the tree octopus explores its arboreal world by both touch and sight. Adaptations its ancestors originally evolved in the three dimensional environment of the sea have been...
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