Giesemann introduces new multi-channel controllable bluetooth T5 lighting system

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Giesemann supplied Advanced Aquarist with the following literature:


The worlds most advanced T5 lighting solution with all the control of an LED system.


The worlds most advanced T5 lighting solution with all the control of an LED system.   Giesemann has always prided itself in leading the market and offering the most advanced solutions available for aquarium lighting. And whilst many companies have forsaken tried and trusted methods such as HQI and T5, Giesemann still appreciate that for many, these methods are still very relevant and in some cases still preferred.

What is lacking in most cases however is adjustability and control. Giesemann are therefore pleased to announce the release of the new BLUETOOTH MATRIXX-II DIMTEC with full remote controllability and advanced programming capability.

You may recognise the style as one of the most stunning designs to hit the aquatic market in recent years, and you would be right. With bodywork borrowed directly from our flagship FUTURA LED range, the MATRIXX-II utilises a full assortment of features borrowed from its bigger brother, but in a cost effective T5 format, with active and passive cooling technology, computer designed reflectors and high quality, fully dimmable ballasts manufactured by Philips the MATRIXX-II offers the highest output of any T5 system available on the market to date.


The MATRIXX-II DIMTEC expands on that theme to incorporate full Bluetooth connectivity to a range of devices including PC/MAC Android smart phone, and Tablet, and is controlled by Giesemann’s own software package similar to that used on the class leading Futura-LED system which offers an incredible range of advanced yet user friendly features. This means a wide range of programmability without the limitations of small control screens.

Features Include:

  • Point to point multi-plot light cycle programming allowing smooth transitional lighting phases across an available 920 set points.
  • Fully independent channel control over 2 – 4 channels* dependent on light unit connected.
  • Transitional colour shift dependent on the mix of tubes across each channel.
  • Fully adjustable cloud and weather simulations
  • Fully adjustable lunar phases.
  • Creation of dedicated user profiles.
  • The ability to download and share profiles.

* Each channel controls 1 ballast and tube set.

Prices are yet to be finalised but are estimated to start at around £450.00   Available formats:

MATRIXX II DIMTEC 4 x 39w- 950mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 4 x 54w- 1250mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 4 x 80w- 15500mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 6 x 39w- 950mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 6 x 54w- 1250mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 6 x 80w- 1550mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 8 x 39w- 950mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 8 x 54w- 1250mm
MATRIXX II DIMTEC 8 x 80w- 1550mm

Availability Europe: April 2014

Availability US: May/June 2014

For further information visit:,2,MATRIXX%20II%20DIMTEC,.html or contact your local authorised Dealer or Distributor.


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