Giesemann’s new (and very sexy) MATRIXX-II T5 light

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Giesemann's new (and very sexy) MATRIXX-II T5 light

Giesemann MATRIXX-II T5 light

Product Release (via  Reef-Eden):

We are pleased to announce the release of the very latest MATRIXX-II T5 light units available from Giesemann Aquaristic which are exclusive to Reef-Eden. These new lights retain Giesemann’s stunning build quality and reliability offset against a price that puts them head to head with the competition.

You may recognise the style as one of the most stunning designs to hit the aquatic market in recent years, and you would be right. With bodywork borrowed directly from Giesemann’s flagship FUTURA LED range, the MATRIXX-II utilises a full assortment of features borrowed from its bigger brother, but in T5 format.




Unlike many T5 units that have outer bodies constructed from simple thin pre-fabricated metal sheet held together by rivets. The MATRIXX-II uses an outer chassis constructed of heavy duty extruded and formed aluminium alloy, into which the components are hand assembled, before being topped off with an exquisite upper glass panel, whilst the underside gets the addition of a high quality acrylic splash screen as standard to ensure both the tubes and high efficiency reflector are protected from splashing or spray from air stones or surface located pumps. The outer chassis is also coated in a tough anti-corrosion anodised silver finish, or painted in high gloss pure white.  Each element that makes up the outer chassis is painted or anodised pre-production to ensure that all faces (including joints and internal faces) are completely protected to limit salt or water ingression thereby reducing the risks of corrosion over extended use even in the most demanding situations.



Whereas many manufactures use cheaper ballasts and other materials to keep costs down, Giesemann understand that price is nothing without reliability. Each MATRIXX-II is assembled using only the finest quality internals, from lamp holders and wiring, right up to and including high quality ballasts that are chosen for durability, stability and reliable output. The lamps sit in front of a dedicated highly polished aluminium reflector that is 99.8% reflective and profiled via CAD software to offer the best possible transfer of light back to the aquarium in an evenly distributed manner.





When designing any light fixture, temperature control is a crucial factor to both maintain the lifespan of the components and lamps, but also to maintain output at optimum levels. Too hot, and the lamps lifespan and output is reduced costing the user money, Too cold and the lamp wont reach optimum operating temperature resulting in lowered performance. The MATRIXX-II uses both passive and active cooling. Passive cooling occurs by direct heat transfer to the aluminium outer chassis and upper glass panel that acts as an inbuilt heat diffuser, whilst active cooling and air circulation is taken care of by way of two inbuilt fans. this ensures that the MATRIX-II runs at the perfect operating temperature to ensure good lamp lifespan and optimum output.



Dependent on the number of tubes in the unit, each MATRIXX-II comes with separate power cords to control groups of lamps. Independent times can then be set to recreate sunrise / sunset by way of using simple segment or digital wall timers or an aquarium computer switchable plug-bar to control each bank of lamps.

Dimmable versions are available upon request (requires use of dimmable interface and applicable) .






Availability: Now



RRP incl VAT

MATRIXX II – 4 x 24 Watt – 650 mm


MATRIXX II – 4 x 39 Watt – 950 mm


MATRIXX II – 4 x 54 Watt – 1250 mm


MATRIXX II – 4 x 80 Watt – 1550 mm


MATRIXX II – 6 x 39 Watt – 950 mm


MATRIXX II – 6 x 54 Watt – 1250 mm


MATRIXX II – 6 x 80 Watt – 1550 mm


MATRIXX II – 8 x 39 Watt – 950 mm


MATRIXX II – 8 x 54 Watt – 1250 mm


MATRIXX II – 8 x 80 Watt – 1550 mm


Colour options PURE White / Anodised Silver


Aquarium mounting set (2 Pieces)


Suspension kit with height- and gradient-adjustment


upgrade T-5 group dimmable ***


Please note: All units are supplied without tubes.




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