Gifts for Your Aquarium Fiends (err Friends)!

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It’s December and Christmas Day is getting closer…and fast!  Hands up who hasn’t finished their Christmas shopping?  Ok, tell the truth now…who hasn’t started their Christmas shopping?  Yup, that’s what I thought.  No fear, suggestions are here for your better half who thinks he/she is the next Fish Whisperer (or for yourself…or your kids  :)).  You can get the usual like: pumps, filters, quarantine tanks, another pretty fish, a gift voucher for fishy stuff, a book, 6 month’s supply of fish food OR you can get something like this:

cellphone cover etsyCellphone cover (Etsy)

coral reef cushions etsyCoral reef cushions (Etsy)

gift at cafepressdotcomMugs (

gifts at zazzle 3Clocks (Zazzle)

gifts at zazzle 1Ties (Zazzle) gifts at zazzle 4 Watches (Zazzle)gifts at zazzle 9T-shirts (Zazzle – or you can go to the printers and get your own original design printed of course!)

gifts at zazzle 10For fish addicts-to-be…dummies/pacifiers (Zazzle)

gifts at zazzle 13Mousepads (Zazzle) gifts at zazzle 14 Guitar plectrums (Zazzle)gifts at zazzle 15 Shopping bags (Zazzle)gifts at zazzle 16 Water bottles (Zazzle)gifts at zazzle 18Cool hats (Zazzle)

fake jelly ebayFake jellyfish (ebay)

ocean reef wall sculpture etsyReef wall sculpture (etsy)

plug and switch covers etsyPlug and switch covers (etsy)

Your local public aquarium would also be really appreciative of any purchases at their shop and they generally have a huge range of things from pens and mugs to t-shirts, toys, jewellery and crafts.  There’s  a lot out there for us fishy folk so if you’re at a loss for what to buy, Google or just ask, we know what we need and what we “need”.

Have a great Christmas everyone!


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