Disease-Marine_Fishes_coverIt can’t be said enough – one of the most difficult aspects of keeping an aquarium is dealing with loss. While some of the culprits may fall out of the realm of your control, there’s a great deal of measures that can be taken to ensure your beloved fishes live healthy, vivacious lives while in your care. Nearly all hobbyists will encounter disease at some point, and one of the most crucial steps that can be taken in this instance is being able to properly identify and safely treat the ailing animal within an effective timeframe. Disease-Marine_Fishes_pagesThe Salt Smart Guide To Preventing, Diagnosing, and Treating Diseases of Marine Fishes is an essential tool in your first aid kit in just this instance! Jay Hemdal, Curator of Fishes and Invertebrates at The Toledo Zoo, put together this invaluable e-book in collaboration with Saltwater Smarts to help hobbyists not only prevent disease, but properly and effectively react when incidences inevitably occur. Recently reviewed by editor Randy Donowitz in our latest issue of Reefs Magazine, we strongly encourage all hobbyists to pick up a copy!

“The majority of the book is concerned with environmental and husbandry issues that affect fish health and the plethora of specific diseases that afflict marine fish. Cause, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment are addressed for each disease. If you read these chapters carefully, many of the “mystery” deaths so commonly referenced in the hobby become a lot less mysterious.”

You can purchase the eBook here for only $14.99 where you’ll receive an instant download in 3 formats. Want a chance to win one? Saltwater Smarts has allotted us 2 copies to give away, just comment below for your chance, it’s that easy!


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