Green sea turtle nests set record high

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Green sea turtle nests set record high

A loggerhead sea turtle throws sand over a nest, concealing her eggs, on an index beach in Brevard County. (via FWCC)

In 2013, the Florida FWCC documented over 25,000 nests full of green sea turtle eggs.  This number not only set the record; It  more than doubled it!  For reference, in 1989 the FWCC only recorded 464 green sea turtle nests.  464 to 25,000+ … wow!

Not to end this report on a down note, but unfortunately neither the leatherback nor loggerhead sea turtles experienced the same boom as the green sea turtles.  Rather, nests of both were down compared to 2012.  Overall, green and leatherback nests have steadily trended upwards since 1989, but loggerhead nests have remained relatively stagnant.  This data tells us conservation is a complex science, not a one-size-fits all process.  We have a lot more to learn and do.

All sea turtles are classified as endangered and protected by international laws.  All three types of sea turtles are renowned seafarers and span the world’s oceans.

For the full report, read FWCC’s Index Nesting Beach Survey webpage.


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