It ‘s always uncomfortable talking about the death of a person, especially when it was a very important person. And Gunther Eheim, died Saturday, February 2, at the age of 93, was such this peaople, a prominent figure in the aquarium world and beyond.

Born August 31, 1919 he founded the Eheim in 1949 (from wikipedia), in the beginning the factory built bus models, but in 1963 Gunther invented and put into production the first external filter controlled by a seal pump. Since then the activity of Eheim has been growing and it’s also established in the field of medical and scientific where Eheim pumps are currently sold and used all over the world.

Who have never had an Eheim pump in his aquarium? I I’ve had several, from 1250 to 1260, the compact plus 2000 to 1048, some of them were in a full comparison test just a few months ago (Eheim pumps 1048, 1250 and 1260: The Total Comparative Test), which I think only witnesses the greatness of this man.

Thanks Gunther for what you have given to all the aquarium world.


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