Reef Halloween Costumes

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than actually BECOMING you favorite sea creature? Which one do you like best?

Are you excited about the prospect of getting a little closer to that laid-back sea turtle lifestyle? Just remember, the first step to your new turtle lifestyle is to go ahead and ride whatever waves that come your way! Surf’s up, dude!

Get your pup ready for Halloween or your next dress-up event with a Sea Turtle Dog Costume! This easy-to-wear outfit consists of a headpiece and bodysuit. The headpiece is printed with a turtle skin design and secures under the chin with hook and loop fastener. A printed turtle shell pattern decorates the foam-backed bodysuit, which also closes with hook and loop fastener to provide easy transformations.

The small pink axolotl has quickly stolen our hearts with their perpetual smile and fuzzy gills. If you need a fresh animal costume for your next party, we highly recommend dressing up like this smiling salamander! Their Adult Axolotl Costume was crafted with care by the company’s in-house designers.

Usually, you have to go to Sea World to see something as amazing as this mini whale, but now you can catch a glimpse of the amazing animal in your own home! But as fierce as it is, it doesn’t have any interest in eating humans. It would rather snuggle with its land friends. After all, they have all of the treats.

Teething can’t be stopped, but it can be soothed. With this Baby Narwhal Costume, you’ll both be feeling better! Made with super-soft fabrics, it’ll be impossible to refuse a mutually beneficial cuddle. And dressed as a sea unicorn, your little sweetie is sure to be a hit on the trick-or-treat circuit, where a lollipop may become their new favorite (and most successful) teether!

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