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For today’s ‘stupid news’, this is got to take the cake. I’ve already written about the man who jumped on a whale carcass surrounded by sharks here, That was pretty bad. This story takes us to Australia again, however, hard to believe it but this stunt is probably even worse. Australia boat captain Aaron Moir has made a name for himself jumping on the back of sharks. I suppose that will set you apart from the competition. Moir even gives us some insight what he was thinking and states: “I was thinking: right It’s hammer time. Bang I just jumped on.” This is allegedly his seventh shark riding attempt. In the video you can clearly see him wait for the shark to swim by, then jump right on top of it. The video is rightfully being scrutinized by environmentalists, who find it reckless and cruel behavior. Moir doesn’t seem too fazed by the criticism, remarking his next attempt will be on a Great White.MORE

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