Hanna Marine Checker Reagent Problem Alert

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Equipment | 0 comments

Hanna Instruments made an announcement that they have an issue with their new Magnesium Checker reagents (HI793) and we would like to make our readers aware of the situation. Hanna has discovered with the help of some customers that their Magnesium Checkers were not reading results correctly. Higher than actual Mg readings were displaying on the Checker causing concerns about the accuracy of the Checker itself.

As it turns out the Checker is fine and the issue was caused by the reagents for the checker. After careful analysis, Hanna Instruments discovered that one of the chemical raw materials in the reagents unexpectedly degraded more rapidly than expected over time. This degradation caused high readings. Evidently Hanna has solved the problem and they are replacing the bad reagents though an online form that you can fill out. If you received a new Hanna Magnesium Checker then please visit this website to fill out the form to receive new reagents. It’s good to see that Hanna has solved the issue and that they are taking care of their customers as soon as possible. MORE

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