Happy World Oceans Day

photo by James Wiseman

The United Nations Secretary-General designates this year’s theme as:

Our Oceans: Greening Our Future

Here are some ideas to celebrate World Ocean Day:

  • Frag some corals to share with fellow hobbyists.
  • Talk to your favorite LFS or mail-order vendor about responsible stocking (preferably captive-bred).
  • Visit your local public aquarium in support of their education and conservation efforts.
  • Adopt a Coral Reef through the Nature Conservancy.
  • Have a nice seafood meal from the list of sustainable seafood approved by Seafood WATCH.
  • Perform some much-neglected maintenance on your aquarium.  Caring for your aquarium IS caring for the oceans.
  • Hug your fish (unless it’s venomous, in which case a smile and a nod will suffice).

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