How to Make Proper Reef Food By Chef Rogger

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Proper nutrition is a critical aspect of the well-being of any living creature. For our aquatic animals, catering to their specific dietary needs and providing balanced nutrition is essential. Anticipating and addressing these needs ensures their health and vitality.

Ten years ago, to provide a better formula for creating high-quality DIY food at home for you guys, I reached out to Chef Rogger Castells of Rogger’s Reef Food, a prominent figure in the aquatic food industry. He generously shared his expertise and formula to help others in the hobby.

Originally, this was made into three parts and all in SD quality. I have combined them, reprocessed the video into a single format, and upscaled it to 4K to provide a better resolution that matches modern standards.

If you make your own food, you can compare notes on the human-grade, simple, but high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial fillers. If you don’t have the time or you’d rather avoid the mess in your kitchen, check out their brand new site at Rogger’s Reef Food to get your own ready-made supplies.

I hope this helps all you new enthusiasts and anyone interested in creating a balanced diet for your beautiful aquarium animals.

Happy reefing!

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