If you like aquariums, put a ring on it

“Sorry. I’m spoken for.”

Each mini-aquarium contains live Cladophora (Aegagropila linnae), a green algae.  A.linnae grows in the shape of a ball, which the Japanese refer to as Marimo (translated as “ball seaweed’).  When Alliah saw her first Marimo balls in an aquarium, she instantly fell in love with the “cutest little things” and began crafting miniature habitats for “baby” Marimo balls.

She now sells her ring aquariums at Etsy (an e-commerce website for handmade arts and crafts) for $11.99.  The mini aquariums are available in two different glass designs.


Who would have ever imagined ring aquariums?   Who would have ever imagined falling in love with little balls of “cute” algae?!  Here are a few more mini-Marimo aquariums crafted by Alliah.  Visit her blog to see more of her creative works centered around this unique artistic medium.




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