In more news …

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In more news ...

Do not go in the water!

  1. Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm’s educational program . If you love seahorses, you should watch this video.
  2. Acropora selectivity among damselfish recruits and the risk of bleaching-induced habitat loss. Research paper on damselfish association with various Acropora spp. and how bleaching affects their habitat.
  3. Fish in shoals steer like cabbies. Fish in schools manage to go with the flow and not crash into each other by following simple “driving” rules.
  4. Google Earth follows robots across the Pacific Ocean . Google Earth is following four unmanned robots across the Pacific Ocean.
  5. UK Aquarium hails birth of rare shark. UK first as critically endangered angel shark give birth at Deep Sea World.
  6. Corals can sense what’s coming, commit ‘cell suicide’ when conditions deteriorate. Australian scientists have thrown new light on the mechanism behind the mass death of corals worldwide as the Earth’s climate warms.
  7. What is it? Attack of the jellyfish.
  8. Perfect idea of the terrifying size of a white shark. Oh. My. Wow. This is why you shouldn’t get out of the shark cage.
  9. Use magnets to keep track of what fish food you have in your freezer. That way you know when it’s time to get more of your Reef Nutrition or Rod’s Food from the LFS.
  10. World’s Best-Disguised Predator Fish? Watch the stonefish gobble up unsuspecting prey.
  11. New deep-sea worms found—have big “lips”. The Mick Jagger of the worm kingdom.
  12. Dolphin whistles help solve the mysteries of the cosmos. With a lot of help from Flipper, scientists have a better shot at understanding phenomena like black holes and supernovae.
  13. Robojelly gets an upgrade: underwater robot learns to swim more like the real thing. Scientists have created an underwater robot that can swim like a jellyfish.
  14. Using qPCR, scientists have been able to pinpoint the guilty coral killers.
  15. Lionfish may not be back on the menu, boys. ‘Edible’ lionfish found with poisonous ciguatoxin; ‘This is very bad news.’
  16. How about catching your own fish for supper. Japan restaurant Zauo gives patrons fishing gear to catch their own seafood.
  17. Did BP oil make shrimp lose their eyes? It wouldn’t surprise us…
  18. Remember all those unique Dubai islands that were built for the ultra-rich? Dubai’s island builder is planning to build artificial reefs now.
  19. Unseen devastation from tsunamis can destroy coral reefs.
  20. Seahorses are under stress: with about 25 million seahorses sold each year, global consumption of seahorses is massive.


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