I really love nature and jungle aquascapes, but I really don’t have enough of a green thumb (or time) to commit myself to a full-on planted aquarium.  And at this point in my life (plus already maintaining a large SPS reef), simple is good.

The natural choice for my next aquarium is a hardscape – the use of “hard” material such as rocks and driftwood to create an aquascape.

There are a lot of wonderful hardscapes posted online.  This one really spoke to me (just replace the Gymnogeophagus cichlids with discus).  The asymmetrical design and the driftwood projecting well above the water line is a wonderful combination.  It’s amazing the scenery you can achieve with just deadwood and pebbles!


Now comes the really hard part: Finding that perfect driftwood to base my entire hardscape around.

(Yes; I’m aware I ended my last sentence in a proposition.).

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