We present you with the Creeper Monti, a new offering from The Candy Shop. This encrusting montipora coral is beyond bright, sporting a neon pink base that is broken up with small patches of green and even some shdes of purple. And it doesn’t appear to be the green fluorescing protein (GFP) that infects various corals only to eventually go away completely. Instead, it might be the result of grafting two colors variants of the same species into one individual, a popular practice that also results in the coral reverting back to a single color in most situations. Regardless of whether this is the case or not, that pink is just too eye-catching to pass up, especially when our tanks are usually dominated with blues and greens. There are tons of variations of monti corals on the market, and this one will surely catch your eye. MORE: Interesting New ‘Creeper Monti’ from The CandyShop

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