Moving between the halls of the fair we arrived at the stand of the German Blau Aquaristic, a well known company for the value for money of his products.

As we had anticipated a few days before Interzoo Blau presented their new and first LED lighting, Blau Lumina LED about which you can read all the features in this post: Blau is ready to present its first LED lighting: Blau Lumina LED

Above we see the detail of the connection to the PC as well as the lights switch

Here we see how big LEDs look viewed from below, obviously this is a version for freshwater aquariums and so we see the predominance of white LEDs associated with some red light and with no blue LEDs

Another news is the possibility to connect the lighting to the computer to be able to manage a program that can, among other things, simulate the atmospheric situation anywhere in the world. Both for what concerns the brightness and for the simulation of clouds and thunderstorms.

Here we see instead the marine lumina led, who tend to the classic blue, while illuminating some frags

But we must not forget the skimmers, here a magnificent Xcuma 2500, 32 watts consumption, cone construction and 1500 l/h of air, which have make famous Blau Aquaristic.

To be continued…

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Editorial: the Interzoo 2012 in Nuremberg with all booths visited

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