Interzoo 2014: Sicce

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Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce
Sicce‘s Interzoo booth had a cool party to celebrate their 40 years in business.  Read on for more details on Sicce’s complete product line and announcements from Interzoo.

For us, it was a first time that someone invited us to a party, and we had great fun, we met new people and we have really tasted wine glasses, sparkling wines, canapes, cheese and whatever else was kindly provided by Sicce.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce

Here some pictures taken during the party…

But now let’see the news presented during this Interzoo by sicce.

Surely the most important innovation was the new XStream sicce pumps, 4 pumps with fixed flow rate, and one with variable flow rate.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce - pompa Xstream-EHere the four XStream Sicce Pumps

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce - pompe XstreamThe four pumps have the following flow rate: 3,500 l/h, 5,000 l/h, 6,500 l/h and 8,000 l/h.

As you can see from the photos all four pumps are characterized by a rotor with a three-bladed propeller, the tiny size and the articulated joint near the magnet.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce - pompe XstreamThe small size make them perfect for hiding anywhere in the aquarium.

In addition to these 4 XStream pumps, sicce has presented the new XStream-E pump with variable flow, a little gem that can be controlled between a minimum of 3,000 l/h and a maximum of 8,000 l/h.

Operating at 24 volts, it is presented together with a small and simple controller from the extremely intuitive setting.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce - controller pompa Xstream-E

This pump can be connected with another better controller, optional, even more refined, which allows a greater control of the 4 standard operation mode.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce - controller pompa Xstream-E

The four standard operating modes are in fact short, medium or long pulse and random cycles. The new controller will expand the possibilities being able to connect to a larger number of pumps, and we expect to see it in action.

Our feeling is that the new pumps are opening a new course for sicce, for his new design, compared to the old voyager. If they can work as they should, we think they will be very well received by the market.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce - pompa Syncra HF

Obviously sicce has unveiled not only recirculating pumps, but also this huge Syncra HF pump, again with variable flow, which we see in the picture above.

This pump is surely designed to work inside ponds and not inside aquarium, but however, it is able to move 15,000 l/h with a prevalence of up to 7 meters with a consumption between 140 and 230 watts depending on performance requirements.

The Syncra HF sicce pump is also available in 12V version, with fixed flow rate, 12,500 l/h, with a maximum head of 5.5 meters for a consumption of 140 watts.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand SicceAbove you can see the aquarium with the new Sicce ceiling, and the new XStream and XStream-E pumps on display.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand SicceThere were three small aquariums with external filters and three Sicce Minù, to show all the features and versatility.

Finally were on display the whole sicce production relating to Whale external filters, now also in the spectacular white livery, and the various pumps for external filtering.

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce

Interzoo di Norimberga 2014 Stand Sicce


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