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Let’s continue our trip inside Interzoo by stopping at Tunze booth in the hall number 4. As always, the Tunze booth was spacious and had so many new products to see.

We like to see the things from a different angle. So, when we spoke about sicce we started with their party, for Tunze we like to begin with Tunze’s first skimmer.

We are watching a 1963 skimmer today, functioning, and, I can’t hide it to you, but it’s a very emotion. We can see the serial number, the number 1 handwritten, in the back of the pump. wow the first one!

And this time we are not see a replica, but the true one, taken from tunze‘s museum and brought to Interzoo for all the visitors. Very very nice.

In truth, I would like to try in my tank and write an in depth review. But for now we are happy to see it in action and to show you this piece of history.


Here we have the skimmer as seen at the booth. Then a – quasi – macro shot from one side


and from the other side


Anyway, it’s not easy to speak about the tunze booth because there was so many things to see and to speak about, but we’ll try to cover every single object. We can start from skimmers, improved, also if they have the same name.

For example, speaking about Tunze Doc Skimmer 9415 we have reviewed some months ago (here), we have noted some small modification to the output system that would have to improve the efficiency.


But the first big news from tunze is the new pair of pumps, the 6020 and 6040.


The tunze 6020 is a recirculating pump with fixed flow rate, while the 6040 it’s the same pump but with variable flow rate, and thus controllable.


As you can see from the pictures, the bigger innovative characteristics are the size and the shape. Specifically studied for nanoreef, this pump may be vertically installed, thus utilizing so little space, and the flow it’s not direct, so it may guarantee a good recirculating with a more gentle flow and the possibility to hide the pump behind some rocks or whatever, as we can see in the following picture.


The tunze 6040 is controllable with the new tiny controller


As always it’s very simple to use, with all the settings at a glance and the dedicated button to pause the flow during feed administration.


Here we can see the flow from this tiny pump, obviously if placed near the water surface.

Another great products are the new magnets, the aquarium glass cleaner.


The new magnets will take place of the old ones, we see from so many years. The new ones have a beautiful design, they are completely disassembled and have a greater versatility.


As you can imagine looking through the pictures, we can use them with the blade, like the easy blade but also directly with their plastic blade, that if used daily can maintain the glass perfectly clean, and we can insert the blade when we need, for calcaree algae for example.


What else, we like this idea so much, that we are just waiting some of these magnets to review from tunze.


A fresh water aquarium with the new magnet, the led lighting and the tunze Turbelle 6020, well hidden behind the plants.



Same layout with marine aquarium, with Led lighting, IP68 and then completely submergible, hidden pump behind the rocks and magnet.


A big return pump, the tunze Silence PRO with 11.000 l/h, 4,5 m max head and 125 watt of power consumption.


And a very tiny recirculating pump… not the 6255 🙂


The evolution of skimmer for nanoreef, here the Comline Doc Skimmer 9004, with a power consumption of 4 watt only

2014_05_interzoo_norimberga_2014_tunze_003 2014_05_interzoo_norimberga_2014_tunze_009_200

And the smaller Conline DOC Skimmer 9001 with 2,5 watt of power consumption… that’s incredible, don’t you think so?



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