enhanced-6787-1416283608-1 This post is for all of you people out there who won’t shut up about scuba diving. Happened upon this beautiful piece from Buzzfeed today, and given the seriously stupendous bum steer we have going on here, I was compelled to share. Not all of it is poppycock, however, as I truly believe we should live every week like it’s Shark Week (and drink all the Shark Week themed cocktails, at that). Enjoy these other nuggets of information and have a nice belly-laugh. Apologies as not all of them are fish/reef/ocean related, but seriously, back that ass up and make me a sandwich! And what exactly DOES go on in those Japanese game shows? On another note, I hope Mr. Morgan is recovering well after his unfortunate accident earlier this year. I also hope is octopus is still going along, being his awesome octopussy-self.

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