Pajama Squid

Invert Type: Octopus

Scientific Name: Sepioloidea lineolata

Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: No
Aggressiveness: Aggressive
Relative Care: Difficult
Photo Courtesy of: Felicia McCaulley

The Australian Pajama Squid is not common in aquariums, but some wild caught and captive bred specimens have been available. Their claim to fame is their beautiful black stripes. These squid are tiny, no more than a few inches in length. They tend to be cryptic and need a sand bed to bury themselves. These nocturnal squid need a diet of small live shrimps. Juveniles will eat live mysis, and adults can catch glass shrimps. These squid may be kept in groups and sometimes spawn in captivity. They’re difficult to keep, however, and need a species-only setup and clean, stable water parameters.

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