Upon researching material for my Octopus Edition of a series of interior design posts I’ll be doing, I stumbled upon The Kraken Supply Shop via a link to an Octopus Umbrella that caught my eye. Little did I know I was entering a black hole of Octo-inspired accessories, decor, apparel, barware and gifts. The shop is brought to us by the delicious Kraken Rum and features sleek, high-quality products, all mimicking their unmistakable black and white label. I love the Playing Cards, Table Lamp, and Moleskin Notebook (hello, writer!) but my favorite has to be the subtle, pale gray Kraken Wallpaper that would look lovely on my bedroom walls -“Designed by a top-secret design team comprising the world’s most punctilious interior decorators, The Kraken Print Wallpaper is specially engineered to raise property values and cover holes in your walls. Each roll of self-adhesive paper is printed on demand, and swatches are not available. Adorn your walls responsibly.” But, oh! It raises the property value of your home! Totally justifiable. This series of blogs is proving to be quite expensive for me. On that note, their other products are very reasonably priced – ranging from $5.99 to $200. Perhaps this won’t be the worst stop I make today. Also, I’m in love with their product presentation.


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