Julian Sprung Answers Your Questions on Marine Depot’s Youtube Channel

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Julian Sprung Answers Your Questions on Marine Depot's Youtube Channel

Julian Sprung, Two Little Fishies

Marine Depot, an Advanced Aquarist sponsor, is a leading supplier of  aquarium products.  Recently, they  hosted a multi-part Q&A session with Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies, also an Advanced Aquarist sponsor. Two Little Fishies is a manufacturer of a myriad of saltwater aquarium products such as additives, media, and reactors.

Each of their videos range from 2 to 4 minutes in length, probing Julian’s insight into a variety of questions relating to the latest ideas and trends.

In this particular installment, Julian is asked by Marine Depot Facebook fan Brandee Lamkin:

“What, if any, correlation does he [Julian] find between vodka dosing and the presence of cyanobacteria in aquariums?”

Watch the below video to see what Julian has to say on the subject.  For Marine Depot’s latest videos, subscribe to their Youtube channel.

To learn more about Two Little Fishies products and to read user reviews, visit the Two Little Fishies section at Marine Depot.


(via Marine Depot)


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