article-2384415-1B24EBB2000005DC-29_634x463Eilat has always been known as a real party town, with some absolutely incredible beaches located on the North end of the Red Sea.  While the majority of good coral reefs exist further South near Sharm, there is apparently no reason why you can’t check out some incredible underwater eye candy.  And if you can’t find any fish, you can always check your BCD and visit the world’s only (???) underwater strip club.  This unusual facility was built about 12 years ago but due to it’s incredible tackiness and limited market, has been closed for nearly a decade.  The club is reachable via a very long bridge from land and visitors use to descend a set of stairs to reach the inside of the club.  The club was recently visited by a photographer who brought back some great images, but, SPOILER ALERT, only fish made it into the photos.  Check out the whole article here.

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