Kamoer F4 PRO WiFi Doser is out!

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I have been following Kamoer and its doser line up since its first US launch at Global Pet Expo in Orlando a few years back. At the expo, companies from around the world showcase their latest innovations to distributors and store owners in US, with the hope of getting them picked up and launched stateside. Now, this was way before Coralvue picked up Kamoer for distributorship in the US, and I was sitting with David and Ricardo of Coralvue, talking about how impressed I was with the quality parts, precision, medical background. I thought that it could take off in our industry, as we hobbyists became even more interested in handling the delicate balance of our reef aquariums’ ecosystems; it required both quality and precision.

Years later, Coralvue finally picked up the line and it really started to take off stateside, as people recognized its superior accuracy, great build, and good price point. With that said, let me share what I saw today from them.

Introducing the Kamoer F4 PRO WiFi Doser

The F4 PRO WiFi Doser is the latest state-of-the-art controllable dosing system from Kamoer. The F4 PRO is the successor to the widly popular X4 which pioneered WiFi connectivity and control in aquarium dosing pumps.

The F4 PRO WiFi Doser is packed with innovative features that make it easy to maintain ideal water parameters in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

Keep your parameters stable

Easily schedule a dosing regimen to keep water chemistry within ideal ranges. You can automate 2-part calcium and alkalinity, Kalkwasser, trace elements, live or prepared foods, and even fertilizers and liquid CO2 if you have a planted tank.

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mobile app

Download the free app for your iOS or Android device for easy wireless control. Software updates are a breeze and can be pushed to the F4 PRO via WiFi. The user-interface is friendly and intuitive.

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Robust dosing capabilities

3 operational modes—Auto, Manual, or Custom—make it easy to start dosing your tank, even if you’ve never used an automatic dosing pump before. You can set start and stop times, select how much to dose over a period of time, alternate days that you dose, and even delay channels to prevent chemical interference.

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Battery backup included

After dialing in your programming to automatically dose your aquarium with precision, the last thing you’d want to do is to have to start over in the event of a power outage or if the unit is unplugged. That’s why the brilliant minds at Kamoer equipped the F4 PRO with a battery backup. In the event of a power loss, all your settings will be saved!

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Colored pumps
and tubing

With some dosers, it can be difficult to know what pump and tubing are dosing which supplement. Many dosers don’t even come with tubing! With the F4 PRO, the pump heads are color-coded—green, red, yellow, and blue—and matching tubing is included, so you don’t have to buy anything extra. It’s a smarter design that looks great, too!

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Slim design

Aquarium stands are becoming more and more cluttered with power bricks, cables, and controllers. The thoughtfully designed F4 PRO measures a mere 9.84″ L x 2.32″ W x 1.93″ H, making it the smallest 4-pump doser on the market today. You can even mount the unit directly to your stand—no additional shelving or accessories are required!

If you’re in the market for a new doser and/ or considering replacing your older or not so reliable unit, be sure to check this unit out.

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